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Fiedler on PTI


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Sep 11, 2002
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ESPN's Pardon The Interruption had their toss up segment today where they debate between two players, issues etc. One of today's was which qb is more likely to lead his team to the Super Bowl, Brian Griese or Jay Fiedler. Wilbon said he couldn't get excited about either one but ultimately chose Griese although he sounded less than convinced. The other guy filling in for Kornheiser labeled Fiedler as one of those guys who does nothing but win ala Dilfer. He said he finds a way to make his team win. Then Wilbon stated that Fiedler might have better weapons in Ricky and "that other guy." I assume he means Chambers but I don't know. What do you guys think? :confused:
Griese is a better QB (and his dad is even better :)), but Fiedler is more likely to lead his team to the SB because of the rest of the team.
Griese has all the tools, its just a matter of him getting his head in the right place and using them. He has the potential to be awesome, its all about realizing it......
being a lifelong miami fan, my heart goes for greise, but in this day and age, i'd surely take feidler over greise. everyone talks about jay's interceptions, but greise has almost as many. in fact, most papers say he was close to being benched in the rams game, but came back to win in the end.

jay does that with regularity, too. so i'd take the devil we know, over the devil we don't. maybe denverphinfan can say something, as he may watch the broncos more than we do here in so. fla. of course most of us have direct ticket, but it's hard to concentrate when we're only watching other teams during the dolphins commercials or halftime.
Inside the NFL also mentioned that Shanahan had Buerlien warming up before changing his mind after the Rams blew that 4th and 1 and lost momentum.
I never liked PTI. I don't think much of the two guys who host it, and they rarely talk about anything thats relevant. I swear to God one time they were debating what athlete they would like to marry.
I love PTI. I think it's hilarious.

As for my choice, I'd have to take Fiedler. Griese has yet to stay healthy. Three straight years he's torn up his throwing shoulder. And he's YOUNG. It ain't going to get better. Jay is a tough S.O.B. and his head is in the right place.

As for weapons.....I'd say we've got the better RBs/FBs, TEs, and QBs. They've got better WRs, OL.....although most of the positions are really close (except OL). Then again, I think we could have a very good OL if healthy.
One note on PTI, Wilbon has mentioned many times of a blind hatred of Wanny. Wilbon seems to be a die-hard fan of DaBears, and like many fans of DaBears believe that Wanny ruined them and they hate his guts. Therefore as long as Wanny is the coach, Wilbon will not like the Phins nor give them any respect.
Hard to say. A year ago people thought Griese was his father all over again. Now, people are saying Jay is better. Who knows what they will say next year but its far too up and down.
Yea Griese looks great one minute and then whoa..I like Jay..he will fight until the end and besides Jay has beaten him in every game and jay didn't have the best of what Griese was surrounded with....So the edge goes to Jay for me.
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