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FinHeaven's First Chat


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Oct 3, 2001
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Orlando, FL
The first FinHeaven chat was very informative and quite comical. I know I had fun! :lol: See ya guys at the next chat. :D
Yeah that was really cool, look forward to seein y'all again for the next one.:cool: This is a cool site.:) All Jets bashers be ready for the start of the season, they have it coming.:lol:
not back in calif yet!

and your right, the speed limit is 75 all the way through, on 40, but there were troopers behind every bush. i've never seen so many "bubble machines" flashing red and green in my life. my wife thought she was gonna get pulled over a couple of times.

sun was shining but it was colder than a polar bears butt, sittin on the shady side of an iceberg, in new mexico!:D
I thought it was a decent chat,, my browser kept logging me off (hope I took care of the problem).. Other than that it was a typical chat room ---- total bedlam ! Marino1983
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