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Fins draft day trade options.


Jan 17, 2008
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With the 19th pick in the 2014 NFL draft the Dolphins have a few options (IMO) to consider. Here are my draft day scenarios that i could see playing out.

If Bortles and Manziell are taken before they pick. Minnesota at #8 could move back to 19 and grab Bridgewater who will still be available. At 8, Miami will have a few options to consider. Taylor Lewan will certainly be there. So will Ebron, Mosley, and Evans amoung other great players. There is nice depth to grab players in the 3rd round on.
San Francisco has a great starting team and not alot to fill. They also have alot of picks. They could move to 19 and pick up Roby(CB) or Lee (WR) to add a little more to try and get them past Seattle in the next few years. If Miami slid back to 30th and picked up an extra 2nd round pick (24th or 29th), I would not be upset. At 30 Xavier Su'a Filo should be around and fill a hole on the O-line. 2 picks in the second give us many options to be creative. Package one with a 4th or 5th and move closer to the front of the round, or just find 2 quality players.

Your thoughts/additional scenarios:ponder::thanks::dolphins:?
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