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Fins v Bills Predicition Thread, Who is the next Guru?!?!


Am I on speaker phone?
Sep 11, 2002
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Don't know if there was one yet so I figured I'd put it up.

:D Phins 35
:monkey: Bills 21

;) Rickey 142
Time to repeat my success

It's time to get back on my guru ways so.......
Bills 7 Dolphins 17 :D

Williams 137 :eek:

Bledsoe will go from :( to :goof: after the game :lol:
I already posted this but I don't remember what thread so I will again. See if this is homerish enough for you guys::D::

Dolphins 37
Bills 17

Ricky 148 yds. 2tds.
Taylor 3 sacks
Prince Wally 2 sacks
(I know, I know... 5 sacks in a game's my prediction and I can guess what I want no matter how unlikely ;))
Surtain and Madison each get 1 int. one of which will turn into a td
Lucas steps up like a champ but does throw 1 int.
Mare hits them all. I think last week gave him the confidence boost that he needed.
I feel bad for Bledsoe because of what happened last year but too bad I think we are going to see him on the ground a lot this week.


:eek: you went to every detail.

How many calories will Williams lose? :lol:
I'll say Miami 27 Buffalo 14 I wish I could lose calories the damn things keep finding me:lol: :lol: :lol:
Miami 28 Bills 17

Williams 132 2 TD's
Lucas 16 for 25 224

D gets 4 sacks...3 ints
OK. Since I already saw the game ( time machine) I tell you all the final score.

Dolphins 42
Bills 21

Sorry to take away all the anticipation. Was a real good game though.

i just don't see us winning this game. the last two games have been super high emotional roller coasters and our offens is just to banged up right now.

as sick as it makes me to say.....................


FINZ: 20

we fall behind early so ricky won't get the carries, 69 yds rush/ 80 yds catching passes!!


I'll take a stab at it!

I know I did this before somewhere but, oh!, what the hell!

Miami 38 - Buffalo 17 (28 - 7 at halftime)

Lucas - 289 yards passing with 2 td's and another rushing. No INT's, btw.

Ricky - 168 yards on ~ 30 carries, with 2 TD's.

McMichael - 7 catches for 83 yards and 1 TD.

Konrad - 3 catches for 58 yards and 1 TD.

Chambers plays and catches 4 for 101 yards (surprising EVERYONE!).


Beldsoe has a miserable day throwing for 209 yards and three picks! Also, he's hurried and knocked down all day and sacked 5 times!!!

Taylor get another 2.5 sacks.

Madison, Fletcher and Zack get the picks.

Oh, and Henry puts the ball on the ground... AGAIN! We recover. He's held to 41 yards rushing on the day.

How's all that sound! ;)
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