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Fins Vs. Other below .500 Teams In 04'


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Apr 8, 2004
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Colorado Springs
Where do you think the 05' Fins will stack up next to other teams that were below .500 last year considering we have a new coaching staff.I know we havent had the draft yet but I like what weve done so far.Seems like Espn bashes us worse than they do these others:
Cleveland 4-12
Tennessee 5-11
Houston 7-9
Oakland 5-11
Kansas City 7-9
N.Y Giants 6-10
Dallas 6-10
Detroit 6-10
Chicago 5-11
Carolina 7-9
Tampa Bay 5-11
Arizona 6-10
S.F 2-14
Washington 6-10
Point is we have one bad year in 15 yrs and we dont get a Mon. night game or a late Sunday game seems like theyre being a little unfair to us.What do you think theyre trying to say to us??


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Oct 14, 2002
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Bay Area, CA
Cleveland: we're in better shape. Our QB is better (I'm sorry but Dilfer isn't going to do it on that team), our WRs are the same or better (Bryant has talent, but who knows... and I like Andre' Davis but he's not a top 20 WR). Their D is young, but only average. In time they may jell, but for now, we're a better team.

Tennessee: they just had a coup d'etat and purged a number of key players (Rolle, Mason, Carter). Their D was awful and figures to get worse. QB is a question mark since McNair can't stay healthy and Volek is talented but untested. Cap issues, age. This is a sinking ship.

Oakland: on the way up. Kerry Collins does two things well: drinking and racial epithets. But he is good at throwing the long ball and Randy Moss is excellent at catching it. Sapp was a mistake, Gallery hasn't lived up to his potential (not even close), and they lost a pretty decent linebacker in the Moss trade. On offense, they'll be damn good: Porter, Moss, Collins, LaMont Jordan. On D, they were awful last year and won't be much better IMO. The Woodson situation bears watching. I think they're arguably if not surely a better team. It was a good trade for them, but they're going to miss that #7 pick. They need to get younger on D.

KC: Sammy Knight, Kendrell Bell, Carlos Hall? None of those players are marquis and I just don't think they've made the drastic defensive turnaround that analysts credit them with. Bell is the best of that group and I don't think he's enough. Their problems were in the secondary and they've done very little to address it. Here's a tip: when you're getting burned in the secondary, don't sign Sammy Knight. He's a run-stuffer and wood-layer, not a guy you want over the top. Surtain could do them some good though, and I think it's a no-brainer for them. They're just sweating Saban out but they don't have the leverage. On offense, they'll obviously be good... but that group can't stay together too much longer. We're a better team defensively, but they have us on offense. I'd put us at equals.

NYG: Eh. Eli gets the glam but what has he done other than post a 48 QBR? Tiki Barber is good, but for how much longer? They have no WRs to speak of (Plaxico is the best they have, and we've talked about him enough) and their D is aging. Their OL is a mess. We're a better team.

Dallas: I don't know too much about Dallas. The Vinny Experiment was a stupid disaster. Bledsoe won't be much better; he's lost it. Keyshawn is just not a good WR anymore but their D is exceptional (in talent, anyway). Dat is a great, smart LB and they have Roy Williams back there. Julius Jones was a great pickup and will be an excellent starter for years. But what's going on at WR? Those castaways are not going to cut it. Draft a QB and WR FAST. They'll be better very, very soon. For now, we're even or they're a better team.

Detroit: I'm so torn. They just never play to potential. They have a monster on DL and an outstanding young corps. Harrington just isn't going to pan out; I'm sorry. Charles Rogers, when not limited by his collarbone, is an excellent WR and Roy Williams was/is a phenom. Kevin Jones is going to be good. I like Boss Bailey, Shaun Rodgers, and Dre Bly. It's a wonder this team doesn't do better. There is no doubt they are a better team.

Chicago: another disaster. Wale's a good player. Urlacher's overrated but still a top 10 LB. Who's throwing the ball, and who's catching it? And who's running it? Don't put your money on the Bears unless they get Braylon, Smith, and Brown.

Ok, I'll write up the rest later. Gotta run.
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