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First Depth Chart Unveiled

I was definately surprised to see Draper ahead of McMichael at TE! What was I thinking??

:) :D :)
Yeah I thought McMichael would have been rated higher after reading the Sun Sentinel today. I guess that should come in time.
Not that this is a mistake, but I don't think this depth chart has anything to do with what the coaches are going to be doing from now on in training camp.

For instance, they might practice tomorrow with Dixon working primarily at LT and Nails working at LG...yet this is still the depth chart. Be suspicious of depth charts that have no changes.
I hear you CK but this is from today's coaches meeting...It's not like this is from 2 weeks ago..i'm a little confused about it..unless the coaches are playing head games with the players so they won't let down and think they've got it made.
I was a little surprised at how far back some of the players were... however, it's a preliminary depth chart, I don't think head games are going on.... I think the players all know that depth charts will be changed several times before season opener... we should realize that too. Seriously, the first exhibition game hasn't even been played yet.
It doesn't look a lot different from when we began...

...which suggests that any changes that happen will be based on a track record of performing above and beyond. The pre-season hasn't even begun yet so nobody has had a chance to attain a track record.

That said there aren't many opportunities for players to move up the depth chart, maybe 4 or 5 positions, including the positions vacated by Darryl Gardener, Lorenzo Bromell and Kenny Mixon.

I hope McMichael pulls it off, because he seems like a "fan-pleaser" (and the other TE's don't have that same special quality). But as for the other positions I'm happy with whatever decision the coach makes.
Something to think about... early in preseason, first-teamers see little to no action. One series at most... and if this depth chart actually shows which teams the players will be lining up with for the pre-season games it sort of makes sense. Generally, all the first-teamers on that list are known quantities, and it wouldn't make much sense to the coaches to leave them in for large amounts of playing time. The second teamers however, they are mostly new guys to the team, and probably need some more playing time before the coaches know what they have in them.

To see McMichael down on the depth chart does not mean he will not see playing time come regular season. It just means for now, he will not be lining up with the first-team often in pre-season games. Once he goes out and proves himself in extended playing time a few more times we will see him move up that chart quickly. The same goes for the other surprise players that are low on the dept charts.

Anything before the third pre-season game means basically nothing. That is when the final roster will start to take shape, and you will begin to see who the starters will be and what our offensive and defensive schemes will look like, with the units playing as a team. Until then, the pre-season is all about personal performances and catching the coaches' eyes in order to get more playing time and hopefully elevated to first team.
IF....that does turn out to be our starting offensive line with Weaver at TE, I already have a nickname for them....The white wall........
Good, but depth charts are use to start the games...I hope they mix and match the first two games so they can get a feel..then make the decision..while I agree that staters are a known commodity..Our OL has to prove some things first before I can say they're known.
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