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Fletcher's intereference call


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Aug 16, 2002
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from the Miami Herald:

Wannstedt is sending a tape of Jamar Fletcher's fourth-quarter pass-interference penalty to the league, for clarification. He said Fletcher did what he had been taught.

Can anyone who saw the game tell me what the issue was? I'm stuck in the Midwest and had to watch the Chiefs/Browns game (not a bad second choice).
The lions had someone going deep with Fletch covering him. he made a inside move then outside leaving fletch still a few yards inside.. as Fletch was moving towards him he cut him off and looked back for the ball.. so they called pass interference.. not to mention this happened on the one or two yard line and the ball landed about 5 yards past the endzone.
Fletcher had inside position....the ball was thrown to the inside(but waaay too long)....Fletcher didn't know because he hadn't turned his head yet.....the receiver adjusted and tried to run through Fletcher to where the ball was going....they called Fletch for cutting off the receivers route, because he wasn't playing the ball.....he did turn his head just as the ball sailed over but it was too late......

The ball was definately not catchable.
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