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Fool's Gold? A list of the QB's we will have faced this season and Playoff Chances


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Apr 14, 2006
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Tom Brady twice
Mark Sanchez twice
Ryan Fitzpatrick twice
Matt Schaub
Carson Palmer
Kevin Kolb
Andy Dalton
Sam Bradford
Andrew Luck
Jake Locker (or Matt Hasselback)
Russell Wilson
Blaine Gabbert
Alex Smith (or Colin Kaepernick)

Outside of Brady twice and Matt Schaub . . . is there another QB in the top 20 on that list? Our biggest weakness (along with WR) is in the secondary. We are thin at CB and although you have to like what you have seen so far from Smith, Carroll and Wilson . . . and even the safety play . . . we really won't be tested outside of the 2 games we play vs. New England. The one time we played a definitive top 20 QB, we lost by 20 points. Maybe a playoff run is something we should have seen coming when looking at this list (obviously nobody knew Tannehill would be this good this quick either). . . . but I worry that priority won't be placed on upgrading this secondary because we overachieved against subpar QB's.

In 2008, it was the perfect storm of easy schedule, sharp QB play, discipline and a little luck with Brady going down week 1. The bad thing about that was we probably perceived our team as better than what they really were. This year the winds may just be brewing again down in South Florida for a chance at another playoff berth and hopefully that doesn't change the focus of continuing to improve in crirical areas after the season.

I wonder which playoff run would be considered more "unexpected"?

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Sep 25, 2011
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I said before the season that one of the reasons this team would surprise people and probably go 8-8 was that we don't play many top quarterbacks. Outside of Brady, who is not exactly having a career year, the best guy we go up against is... Matt Schaub.


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Apr 17, 2003
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Good point. This is why I think all the Ireland's fans should wait tll the season is over before proclaiming him as the best GM ever. We do have some holes to fill at WR, Corner, oline and depth at LB, safety and TE. I know you can't fill all the holes in one year but he's been here 5 years. So far this last draft is turning out to be pretty good and I give him credt for that.

Ozzy rules!!


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The good thing about that list is that we have already played the best QBs on the list. Only Luck, Brady and possibly Russell Wilson scare me on the rest of the list.
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