For my 23rd season in my $$$ league ...

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports' started by Bumpus, Sep 5, 2016.

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    'ol Bump thinks he's got a shot. It's a 9 team league this year (1 guy dropped out last minute) All drafted positions are requirements, so don't ask me why I have 3 QB's/2 K/2 Def.

    QB1 - Philip Rivers
    QB2 - Eli Manning
    QB3 - Ryan Tannehill

    RB1 - Lamar Miller
    RB2 - Matt Forte
    RB3 - Jeremy Hill
    RB4 - Rashad Jennings
    RB5 - Spencer Ware

    WR1 - DeAndre Hopkins
    WR2 - Keenan Allen
    WR3 - T.Y. Hilton
    WR4 - DeSean Jackson
    WR5 - DeVante Parker

    TE1 - Greg Olsen
    TE2 - Dwayne Allen

    K1 - Steve Hauschka
    K2 - Brandon McManus

    D/Sp. Teams1 - Cardinals
    D/Sp. Teams2 - Eagles

    So ... Am I delusional, or is this team pretty decent? BTW, I drew the 7th pick.

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