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Fraud of the Week articles


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Sep 29, 2001
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Come on man. How can you say Gonzaga didn't deserve a higher ranking. They were 29-3 and won the WCC. They should of been a 3, and upsets happen, espically when you are playing a good team in Wyoming. Texas Tech was a six and they also lost to a mid-major at large team and no one calls them a fraud. Also, why don't you have Ms. Cleo up there. She does her Jamaican voice but she isn't Jamaican and now she is facing charges for FRAUD! She should of gotten the nomination as fraud of the week.

had an RPI in the late 20's...and they got dismantled in the first round of the tournament, results speak for themselves.

Besides they gotten bonus points for being everyone's pool darling...well except mine.

Part of the criteria for fraud of the week is that the individual has to commit a currently fraudulent act. Mrs. Cleo is just a consistent phony and one incident on her resume has gotten her nominated yet...

But Blizzard, I will take future nominees, especially if they have recently done something noteworthy and fraudulent.:D
But we all thought Ms. Cleo was Jamaican until a few weeks ago (well at least I thought she was)
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