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Gadsden Starting

How Effective Will Gadsden Be This Year?

  • He'll return to his old acrobatic, TD catching, form

    Votes: 15 62.5%
  • He'll do about as well as last year; he's somewhat limited

    Votes: 7 29.2%
  • He's on the decline and will probably be beaten out for the #2 slot.

    Votes: 2 8.3%

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Feb 12, 2002
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Oronde Gadsden was officially awarded the starting job to open training camp. While I'm not as down on McKnight as a lot of you are, I still see Gadsden (if healthy) as one of the better posession receivers in the NFL. I look forward to seeing the goal line combo of Gadsden, Chambers, Williams, and Konrad...let's see the Jests try to stop that!

Gadsden Story
I can see Chambers youth and talent...

...raising the bar for the whole receiving corps in morale terms and in production terms. I expect Oronde to be Mr Reliable.:D
I'd prefer McKnight starting. He's more of a big play receiver and fits into norv's style better. Gadsen is a great posession receiver for 3rd and 7-10.
I agree OG deserves the nod, but it is kinda meaningless since they will fight it out thruout camp for the #2/SE spot
Originally posted by dolphan39
I agree OG deserves the nod, but it is kinda meaningless since they will fight it out thruout camp for the #2/SE spot

Agreed, 39.
I say good call! OG deserves the spot, he started last year, and didnt really do anything to lose that status. He's the possession receiver! McKnight was outdone at his job by Chambers, the big play! When its all said and done, the personnel thats going to get the job done, will be on the field!

OG gives you that PHYSICAL presence that MCKNIGHT lacks!! OG will out jump and outmuscle DB's to make the play!! Right now, I think he is the better receiver, especially now that he is healthy!
Is OG healthy now??? and for how long??? I like both Mcknight and Ward better than OG!!! Although Ward has the same kinda health problems...OG has great hands and is a big physical reciever, but oft injured and too slow...
Don't get me wrong here, I like OG a lot, but I think the team would be better off with McKnight on the starting opposite CC. They could spread out the field, leaving the middle open to the TE, FB, RB, or 3rd WR.

However, 984 and I agreed that having OG start does have its advantages. OG is really tough to cover for a smaller DB, a la Winfield of Bills. In these cases, the D has a choice to double up Chambers or OG, leaving the other in single coverage, with the obvious advantage. Its really a win-win situation. Its a great problem to have......
I agree with Phinmaster. OG gives you that physical edge that McKnight just cannot possess. He also can sky to the ball and has excellent body control.

What makes OG so good despite his lack of speed is his excellent ROUTE RUNNING. That's how he gets open. He also has arguably the best hands in the league. We all know about McKnight's struggles in this department.

I think that one factor in OG starting that is almost as big a factor as his receiving skills is his great BLOCKING skills. Now that we've got Ricky and Norv, we want to block outside. And OG is a tough blocker, as is Chambers.

We've got some big boys outside, dont we?? OG at 6'2" 218lbs and Chambers at 212. But Chambers body is truly that of a man who's about 6'3". Those longer arms, legs and vertical jump are certainly those of a taller man.

I love this tandem.
OG has proven his worth. Simple as that. He's outstanding when it comes to a 'must have' type of down. But his health is less then perfect.

Even so, you should still give it to the guy that has given it to you. He's given his all for us. And until he's down, he deserves what he's worked for.
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