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Gamble as the Nickel Back


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Aug 29, 2002
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Delray Beach, FL
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(On the team’s secondary) – “Today, Trent (Gamble) took the work at nickel. He did a nice job. He’s played there and has experience there. Trent is a little deceiving. The guy can run a 4.5 and he’s a tough guy. Everyone knows that. He’s been in the system for a couple years. I have a lot of confidence in Trent Gamble.â€Â--Wannstdedt

Let's hope that Surtain can play but if not it's looking like Trent Gamble is the nickel back. Hopefully he can do a decent job and doesn't let anybody get behind him for a huge play.

The question I have is, if Gamble gets roasted by the Jet WR's does he catch as much $hit as Fletcher did this week? Hopefully it's a non-issue but I wonder.

I think you can see why the Fins draft a CB every year. You can NEVER have enough CB's. We've been spoiled by having two top-flight CB's and now that our nickel had a tough go in one game it's showing how spoiled us Fin fans have become. Hopefully Fletcher improves enough so that we have 3 quality CB's for this year and into the future.
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