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Feb 20, 2006
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Fun thread, first game Cleveland browns beat down the crowd booed Greise 1970, 75 loss to the Raiders at home on Monday night , they had ended our dynasty the year before sea of hands game . Monday night football used to be special electric atmosphere, the fans were tired before the game even started. 81 playoffs vs Chargers epic in Miami. Revenge beat down of Seattle playoffs 84. Seeing Shula break the record in Philly and being too chicken **** to wear my gear, I live in DC , Eagles fans are brutal and violent. several Jet and Redskin *** kickings over the years. If I lived in Miami I would never miss a game

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Sep 6, 2004
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I’m a lifelong Fin Fan from Utah and so far all of my Dolphin games have been on the road. I’ve seen 3 really good Dolphin wins and 1 completely embarrassing loss:

-My first game was the 98 playoffs @ Mile High when Denver was on their way to a repeat. Miami got drubbed 38-3 and the Bronco fans were easily the most hostile I’ve ever dealt with. I had 3 guys try to fight me in the bathroom at halftime and a few more started crap with me at a restaurant after the game. I’ve loathed Denver ever since and will not go back.

- I was at Marino’s last victory @ Seattle in the 2000 playoffs. It was also the last ever game in the Kingdome. Great atmosphere, great win and I actually got to meet quite a few Dolphin players. Probably my favorite trip.

- @ Oakland during the Saban era after Ricky Williams returned. I was 2nd row behind the Dolphins bench. Believe it or not, the Raider fans were way cooler to me than the Bronco fans. Had a really good time and enjoyed the win. BTW, the Oakland Colosseum was a total **** hole.

- @ Atlanta a few years ago during their 1st season in Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Did a tour of the stadium the day before and that was awesome. I went with my cousin who’s a huge Falcon fan and I actually felt bad for him. Downtown Atlanta was swarming with Dolphin fans and he was constantly harassed (good naturedly) by all of the Fin Fans at our hotel. I was extremely proud to see how well Dolphin fans showed up and represented. It almost felt like a home game. Somehow Jay Cutler found a way to lead us to victory, which was a nice bonus.

I’ve already booked my trip for December 27th @ Vegas this season and I’m stoked to get down there and tour that new stadium. I’m also gonna try to get to the Arizona game. The wife and I are planning on making our first trip to Miami for next season so I can FINALLY attend a home game and be amongst my people.


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Jul 26, 2004
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Fishkill, NY
Saw the Dolphins lose to the Patriots in 98 in Foxboro. The only good thing about that game was that on my way to the stadium, I stopped off at a convenience store and bought a box of Flutie Flakes.

Saw the Raiders run all over the Dolphins in 2007. Depressing game to see, but I was with a great friend who lives in Sarasota and is a passionate Raiders fan. It was the first time he saw the Raiders win in person, so I was very happy for him.

The following year, and in 2012, he accompanied me to see the Dolphins twice beat the Raiders in Miami.

Was at the Monday night game in MetLife against the Jets in 2014, but left midway through the third quarter because it was colder than I expected. And of course, the Dolphins won after I was already on the bus heading back to the Port Authority in NYC.

I was at opening day in Washington in 2015 against the Redskins. Landry ran the punt back for a touchdown almost right in from of me, as my seats were just above that corner of the end zone. After the game, it was also the first time I saw a UFO.

Saw the Dolphins get depantsed by the Jets in 2017 again at MetLife. This time, I was with another longtime friend who's also a Jets fan and it was the first time he's saw the Jets win in person, so again, I was happy for him. He's a great guy to talk to because we can commiserate together, and now it's even better to talk to him because Gase is his headache now!

Let's see what this coming season holds for us...


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Aug 3, 2011
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First game I went was the bills/raiders in 2002. Had no idea that would be the last year the raiders would be relevant.

First dolphins game was against the skins when they whipped out those orange beauties for the first time.

The last game I attended was the Steelers playoff game


Apr 1, 2019
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Hey everyone. Despite all the obstacles, I have now also booked tickets for my first Dolphins away game. (Since I am from Germany it is all away games for me) Should Corona allow it I will arrive in LA on October 1st and then heard the game in SF on October 11th. I have already booked tickets.


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Aug 4, 2004
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Tallahassee FL
I've only been to 5.
#1 1984 Raiders at Miami …..loss and sucked but my dad and I are pictured in a book that featured that game.
#2 1986 Raiders at Miami.....loss and sucked. Nothing to report
#3 1998 Dolphins at Jags.... loss and sucked. Marino tried to bring them back.
#4 2000 Dolphins at Jags....playoff game, really excited......loss and sucked real bad (if you know what I mean).
#5 2003 Dolphins at Jags.....finally a win. Broke the streak. Yay
I was starting to think that I was a jinx. The one win was great. Other than that 1-4 ain't so great :lol:
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Jan 28, 2008
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Sydney Australia
Just the one game. Miami V Texans in Texas 2018. Miami lost, but it was the biggest bucket list item, and happy too have seen them play.


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Nov 3, 2009
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Zen Ridge
I had an 11 year period where every Dolphin game I attended in Ohio was a Dolphin victory. 6-0. Lucky Charm.

1993 season: Week 6
Sun Oct 10 1993 at Cle
Miami 24, Cleveland 14
(Marino Achilles game)

1995 season: Week 5
Sun Oct 1 1995 at Cin
Miami 26, Cincinnati 23
(Marino last minute drive to win 450 yard passing)

2000 season: Week 5
Sun Oct 1 2000 at Cin
Miami 31, Cincinnati 16
(Jason Taylor sack/fumble/td ends half and turns the game into rout)

2010 season: Week 8
Sun Oct 31 2010 at Cin
Miami 22, Cincinnati 14
(After 5 FG's Ricky Williams finally gets 1st Dolphin TD of game to seal the win)

2012 season: Week 5
Sun Oct 7 2012 at Cin
Miami 17, Cincinnati 13
(Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas score TD"s, 50th birthday present from X)

2013 season: Week 1
Sun Sep 8 2013 at Cle
Miami 23, Cleveland 10
(Tannehill to Hartline gives us the lead we never give back)

Then the streak came to an end on a Thursday night.

2016 season: Week 4
Thu Sep 29 2016 at Cin
Cincinnati 22, Miami 7
(Tannehill hit bomb on first series and then couldn't move the ball the rest of game)

Some good memories......

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Jan 28, 2020
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The two that matter to me are:
- the one where they had Marino's retirement at halftime.
- The "Oronde Gadsen catch" game against the Jets where we finally beat them to snap like an 8 (or some absurd number) game losing streak to them.


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Jan 22, 2012
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I live in Ct, been to a fair amount of games -
My 1st Dolphins game, 1st pro Football game was the 1984 AFC championship game in the Orange bowl. Not a bad start. 45-28 Miami over Pitt. what an amazing game. A shame they went up against an all time team in the 49ers that year in the SB. We drove down from Conn. Did not even plan to go to the game. went, got scalped tickets ended up around the 35 yrd line about half way up. Great seats and the price was pretty cheap.
Next game was Nov 10, 1985 21-17 win vs the Jets. Game was won with a late 50 yard bomb to Duper (8-217 game!) Also was lucky enough to be sitting in the corner of the endzone he scored on, ran right towards us. That place was rocking.
Been to probably 15 or so games down there, maybe a few more. Have only seen them lose once in Miami in all that time. pretty cool. It was against Indy where Baby Griese was driving for the win and was picked off.
Have been to about the same number in old foxboro, bunch of good wins. Only a few times to see them in NJ against the Jets.
Last game I was at was the 7 hour opener against Tenn, at least they won, lol.


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Jun 2, 2004
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Weeki Wachee, Florida
Been to quite a few...a couple of memorable games both old and new..........

1976....Buccaneers first season in Tampa...Griese vs Spurrier....Garo kicks the field goal to win 23-20

1978....Pro Bowl in Tampa...AFC QB’s ...Bob Griese, Terry Bradshaw....NFC QB’s ...Roger Staubach, Archie Manning.

Other Pro Bowl Dolphins in the game....

RB Delvin Williams
G Bob Kuechenberg
C Jim Langer
K Garo Yepremian

Other notable players in the game

RB Walter Payton
RB Earl Campbell
RB Tony Dorsett
LB Jack Lambert
LB Jack Hamm
DT Mean Joe Green
DT Randy White

And the last Dolphin playoff win...December 2000

Peyton Manning and the Colts...despite 3 first half interceptions by Fiedler....Lamar Smith runs for 200 + and runs in a 17 yard game winner in overtime right in front of me!

Really cold day but the crowd was loud!


Jan 25, 2005
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I was at the 1993 game in Philly when Don Shula broke Halas record. I wanted to see Marino before he retired but he got injured the prior week so instead I got pederson,Mitchell and Steve Deberg. Yes all 3 played
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