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Gardener Restructured deal near


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Feb 11, 2002
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Gardener deal near

"The Dolphins could finalize a restructured contract with Gardener as early as today after meeting Tuesday with agent Neil Schwartz. Gardener, who has missed 14 of 32 games the past two seasons because of back problems, is slated to earn $5.27 million in base salary in 2002 with a cap number of $6.83 million. The move would give the Dolphins additional room under the cap."

We have suggested on these boards he wasn't being a team player but this update suggests that he is and that Miami may have some more cap space to work with in trying to replace the DE's (for depth and rotation) and get rookies drafted in .

Go Darryl!Go Darryl!Go Darryl!:cool:

(Sorry the source: sun Sentinel article about Loblow going to the Vikes)
I know...

This is the best news we've had in a couple of weeks. Once the restructure is done, it will give us a little flexibility to go after a free agent to fill one of our holes. :)
this s/b great news for 2002 :jumper: , but hopefully will not be our doom in the future, i.e. if DG retires and we guarantee him 5mil or so, then :drinker:
the way gardener is restructering his contract is losing base salary and making it back thru incentives...not just getting a bonus in place of his base salary like the dolphins usually do...i would think that it would be incentives based on playing time and if he plays de maybe the # of sacks he gets but that is just a guess on my part...
more on Gardener Restructured deal


Meanwhile, defensive lineman Daryl Gardener is thinking of signing a renegotiated contract that would save the Dolphins $2 million under the salary cap next season, according to a source close to the talks.

''We're working on it,'' Spielman said. ``It's a situation where, like some other guys, Daryl is trying to step up to help the team.''

The Dolphins are offering a signing bonus in exchange for decreasing Gardener's $5.27 million base salary next season.

An important part of the contract would have part of the signing bonus go toward an insurance policy in case Gardner suffers a season-ending injury.

Under the new contract, Gardener would be able to earn his full base salary whether he plays or not. Gardener, who has had back surgery each of the past two seasons, had declined to restructure the contract in February because there was no guarantee he would collect all the money.
The only thing that worries me about restructuring all these contracts are the possible ramification(re: huge future cap numbers) that a number of players will carry in a few years. Everybody is young enough to finish out their contracts, so i'm not too worried about paying for players that aren't here, just the big cap numbers that will lead to to us paying players not with the team because they had to be released. Cap relief would be nice....not very probable tho.....

When is the Cap free year scheduled for? if we could get close to that with all the big contracts it would be nice.
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The CBA calls for a cap free year, but i'm not sure which season it is slated for. BIG MONEY for free agents that year!

It does? That is news to me. Can anyone touch up on this one?
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