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Getting bored - new thread


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Aug 14, 2002
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Well I am tired of reading about how Brown was a stupid pick, and Ricky. So here is a question -- who do you think is the most valuable dolphin ? The one guy we just can't afford to have injured...knock on wood.

The guys I am throwing around in my head are Chambers, McMike, Zach, and Madison. As I look at this team, I really think the guy is Madison. We just don't want him hurt. I go 1) Madison 2) Chambers 3) Zach.
Jason Taylor. Without his pass rushing ability and the need for the defense to put two guys on him, the whole pass rush falls apart and teams will be able to exploit our suspect secondary.
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Look Buddy we are stacked at running back, we can afford to loose Brown for a game or 2 and still win..If Traylor or Madison gets injured, we are doomed!!!
Tebucky Jones
Travis Tillman

I say Madison just because he's the only proven commodity in our whole secondary. Traylor due to the very poor depth.
JT due to his ability to draw a double team, and put pressure on a QB... thus making our secondary look better.

I listed both saftey spots up there pretty high due to the fact that if Jones went down... I believe our starting saftey at this point would be Tony Bua who has 0 pro experience at the position, and if Tillman goes down (or stays down as is currently the case) we'll have a talented yet fragile and unproven player in Bell starting. Our secondary looks shakey now, but if ANYONE back there gets injured... we could be in for a long season.
After watching what NE did last year with a patchwork secondary and noting that Saban is a DB coach above all else, I just don't think that losing Madison would be as big a disaster as losing Traylor (no pun intended).

i agree that JT may be a serious blow, but maybe a guy like Matt Roth can pull up some of that slack.

If Traylor goes down we have NOBODY that can do what he does. *disclaimer* This is WITHOUT Chester available, which is what we are NOW....who knows where Chester will be when the season starts....If he were playing, it would definately lessen the blow, if not, say hello to the best passing D in the NFL because we would get run all over.
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