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Good news for everyone except me...


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May 24, 2002
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Tampa, FL
The Sunshine Network will be replaying the Dolphins-Houston preseason game tomorrow at 1pm.

Everyone in the state of FL gets to watch this, which unfortunately will not include myself because as of Sunday at 11:45 I will be flying back up to Washington DC where I will never get the chance to see the replay of the Houston game ever again.
Dude, I'm in the same boat. As of last night, my TV officially died....again. Three weeks ago I paid $140 to get the damn tuner fixed. And now the tuner is screwed up again. So not only am I WORKING during the Sunshine replay, but I can't tape the thing either.

Looks like Muck's gonna have to pull another miracle out of his ass to catch the replay. At least we've got the radio tonight. Anybody else chatting tonight??
I can't post it here because it violates the TOS. Just do a Google search for Canephins chat.
oh and don't need a TV to record the game, just a VCR. If you need further instruction please let me know

You know, 87..............I forgot about that. My VCR is already plugged directly into the cable box. DUR!!!!

I guess my mind was on the way I tape the games. I pause between plays and during commercials and use a quicker tape speed (for picture quality). That way it's more like gamefilm. But it's not like I'm gonna be home to do it anyway.

Dude, thanks for the jolt to the memory!!!!!!
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