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Great article about Farmer


Apr 25, 2007
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Virginia Beach, VA
I posted this article in another thread about Farmer today but I thought it was such a good write up about his skills that I thought it needed its own thread. Plenty of info to discuss. IMO he would be as good of option for us as any of the candidates we are looking at. This was posted on Omar's twitter today but was written by a reporter in Ohio. Speaks to his professionalism and hard work ethic and ability to scout talent.


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Sep 14, 2013
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Broward County, Florida
I saw that too. Whenever I google, I run into the exact same articles, unfortunately. Even going to the Cleveland Plain Dealer and SB Nation for KC Chiefs and Browns. No one knows too much about him. He was a behind the scenes personnel guy, supposedly really good at talent evaluation and had a lot of input, but also learning the biz at the same time.

KC had a lot of players go to the pro bowl, but there's no way to know who Farmer wanted or didn't want. He's only been with the Browns a short time, but from what they know he was a big Mingo supporter, and he thought highly of Hoyer. Is he going to be a steal, or someone who is going to flounder his first year as he cuts his teeth on his first draft? I don't know. All I know is he's thought of highly around the league as a guy who knows football players when he sees them, but also known for typical corporate stuff like being a team player, being loyal, a hard worker, etc.

Apparently there's a funny video that's no longer available on youtube of Ray Farmer firing some crappy player on Hard Knocks. Would have liked to have seen that:
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