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Had to come over and check ya out for...

John from Hemet

Nov 20, 2001
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Bills fan here...looking forward to giving the fins better competition this year....last year we were like chum in the water with a school of great white sharks.....

but I think times are a changing....I am looking forward to seeing how our revamped offensive line does against your D...which has pretty much owned us in recent years......we really do have a pretty good running back in Travis Henry...if he doesnt have guys hitting him in his own backfield every other play....the big aquisition here is Mike Williams......but Tre Teague was a upgrade as well as well as a legit blocking TE......

Look forward to the season....Miami has always had a strong team and hopefully we can make things interesting for you...
its refreashing to see a bills fan thats in touch with reality. Even though I hate the Bills I mean I really Hate the Bills, I have to respect you for your sportsmanship.
I Salute You FINFAN1
Welcome John, that was a classy post. The Bills will be competitive this year and will suprise some teams also (hopefully not our Fins). The AFC East will be a true dog fight from top to finish. Can't wait for the season to start.
welcome a-board John from Hemet - always nice to have a civilized fan from another AFC east team

The Bills OL s/b better this year as well as their QB, so things will be real interesting thruout the AFC East
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