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Halftime Comments


Mar 7, 2002
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Weston, FL
We're real lucky we're only down by 2. We played a bad half of football. Although the defense only gave up 9 points, they are letting Denver hold the ball too long and Denver already has some nice drives that have stalled short. It seems like this defense only plays hard when it needs too, not all the time.

Offense has been ok, I knew the run game wouldn't work and Norv did too. Play-calling has been pretty good. Fiedler just didn't see the d-lineman back when he got picked off and it didn't cost us points so it's not too big of a deal.

Special teams haven't worked tonight and that's been the key to this game. Some bad coverage teams. We did get that one good return, but other than that, our other returns haven't gotten past the 30. Mare's missed a kick, Elam is 3 for 3. We got lucky at the end on that holding call.

Decent coaching. Good offensive play-calling. I think we're blitzing a little too much on defense. Griese seems to be picking up the blitz and it looks as if our front four is getting almost all the pressure on him anyways, except for those few plays ZT made.

Looks to be a good 2nd half, hopefully we'll prevail. Kennedy should have been ejected, suspended, and fined. As well as the guy who hit Brunell today. They showed no mercy at all. It looks as if Chambers will be ok however. Never lost consciousness, they don't think he broke any bones. Probably just a minor concussion. He may be back next week.

We suck on the road. We never play with heart in big games. We should be winning, instead we get what we never do and that's reat returns and get no pts from either. Plus, Mare misses another one and changes the game from being a FG to lead to needing a TD. He got a record contract and keeps missing everything.

I'm sick.
I too thought we were blitzing too much at that point in the game. But what works, works. Perhaps we felt that with Shannon Sharpe, Rod Smith, Ed McCaffrey all out there, with Clinton Portis coming out of the backfield, we just couldn't afford to simply count on the DL alone to get pressure. Far too many weapons.

Someone came on here....Watermock was his name. Just before the game he gave his own keys to the game. And I guess I'd have to say that I respect what he has to say because he really hit a few nails right on the head. The most notable thing was he expected, and hoped for, Jim Bates to utilize a bunch if swing-inside blitzes with the linebackers because the Broncos have a rookie guard and the whole inside three can be confused in general into not picking up blitzes correctly. Thats almost exactly what we did, and thats almost exactly what worked. I usually don't read individual posters' keys to the game or that kind of thing because for the most part, you can just pick something out of a hat with that kind of thing. I mean most people will include something thats as much of a "duh" statement as "We must get Ricky going up the middle and let him do well" Well I mean of course. "Limit turnovers" is not an original "key to the game" and I tell you sports writers are just as guilty as any lay fan on a message board, although when it comes down to it a sports writer has much better information at his disposal.

But this guy really sounded like he knew what he's about. I'll tip my cap to him. Sounded more legit and authoritative than anything I've heard DCH say.
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