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has wallace made 1 "tough" catch this year?


Dec 18, 2005
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unless it hits him right in the numbers he either drops it or barely makes an effort to catch it. cant believe how bad hes bad.
I agree that last play tonight says it all. He didn't even try to get back and fight Revis for the ball. It's getting ridiculous.

After THill missed him when he broke wide open he just quit playing. I'm sure he's frustrated but give me a break.
Why do they always throw it to him deep along the sideline. Maybe he needs more room, and Tannehill needs to just fling it. He has under thrown him a lot. Maybe he needs to chuck it down the field and let Wallace's speed do the rest. However, right now he looks like a huge bust. He should have at least 5-6 TDs by now. Even after a crappy 1st half a TD would have been huge after Wilson's pick. Plus Wheeler's penalty was a game changer. 2 yards rushing!!! Sad day for all Phin Fans.
Thill has the arm strength, but he's always under throwing him. It's bizarre.

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Tannehill is not accurate enuff on the deep balls. He's constantly being under thrown and he's not the biggest guy out there. I think we are expecting more than the coaches are. There's absolutely no plan every week to get him involved.
Even on the last play to Wallace he underthrew him. We got him to take the top off a defense. Plus Tannehill needs to keep the play alive to give him more time to get down the field. He needs to step up, or slide in the pocket. Hes like a statue back there.
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