Haskins Declares!

Discussion in 'NFL Draft Forum' started by TrinidadDolfan, Jan 7, 2019.

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    I think that's exactly correct. Every time I look at Haskins I'm thinking...wow is he a candidate to make a fan base really really angry, if he goes to the wrong team and is forced to play early. I could see that having some JaMarcus Russell moments.

    Haskins is not going to be able to escape anything. If he's forced to stand there and make throws into coverage with his right foot planted and without benefit of an Ohio State running game or receivers schemed free, that is going to create negative expectancy time and again. He won't understand not to force it. Haskins hasn't experienced setbacks causing him to lose confidence in what he thinks he sees.

    jared Goff is a great comparison. Goff is more leggy while Haskins still reminds me somewhat of Cardale Jones. Both Goff and Haskins are going to vary tremendously based on surroundings and overall caliber of the offense. Goff could still be a major disappointment if the Rams hadn't made such a great decision with the coaching hire.

    BTW, I can't believe I am seeing Daniel Jones and Drew Lock featured as possibilities for our pick. I would turn off the channel immediately if it's Daniel Jones. I might not ever return to this site. It would be like the ultimate twist in the back, like an evil clown allowed to ruin lives. We get rid of Tannehill just in time to pick up his nearest twin, and adjust away.

    Lock is more interesting. Much more interesting than Finley, Grier, or perhaps even Justin Herbert next year. I like lots of things about Lock, although he does tend to rear backward and throw off his back foot, along with erratic decisions and throws. I could see a Jay Cutler comparison due to that lean back tendency, although Lock is smoother but not as wiry tough or strong armed as Cutler at his peak.

    Lock has nice touch. For example, he never would have missed that dump off pass to a running back that Lawrence missed at the end of the first half last night, the one that could have produced a touchdown. Lawrence has great qualities all over the place but that little lob wedge is not one of them. He is more of a 4 iron type. I wasn't surprised he missed that throw, after seeing several earlier examples in prior games.

    The problem with Drew Lock is that he reminds me of so many quarterbacks in my jellyfish era. That's when I was very young and had the stupid inclination to root for underdogs. Fortunately I got rid of that flawed thinking in the early '70s when Oklahoma was dominating with the wishbone. I wanted 70+ points and at least 500 yards rushing every week. Kick 'em when they're down.

    But a couple of years earlier when I was maybe 9 and 10 years old I would watch the AFL and NFL doubleheaders every Sunday and other than Green Bay and the Jets I had that stupid tendency to root for the jellyfish underdog. I would know they couldn't win, not unless everything went perfectly and the cream team screwed up multiple times. Invariably the media would tout that underdog and I'd see the home fans rooting with delirium, but I'm thinking...they can't maintain this for 60 minutes, not with a jellyfish quarterback.

    Drew Lock would be great if ether your expectations are not particularly high, or somehow your roster is 10 points better than anyone else in the league. I really like him but I wouldn't kid myself about winning anything meaningful with him.
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    Agree with pretty much everything here, and I think I'd have a similar reaction to the Daniel Jones pick. It's not my biggest issue with him, but CK had also noted that his arm is much weaker than advertised.

    Lock definitely took some positive steps this year. I could see him being somewhere between Cutler and Flacco as an NFL QB, but that's not something I'd spend an early pick on. I do really like his teammate, Emanuel Hall, and Lock's numbers with and without Hall are pretty staggering.

    As usual, Miami's timing is bad. Assuming Kyler Murray is not an option, I hope the rumors of Ross being willing to take a down year are true. The QB options just aren't there.

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