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Head coach Brian Flores is concerned about the state of the Dolphins


Jul 27, 2004
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We should all know by now it doesn’t work like that. Flo and Grier are tied together. When and if Grier goes then so does Flo.

That’s why I see both of them getting at least 2 years which is the end of Flos 5 year contract.
If this team does not improve at all, they both need to go after this season. Two more years of Grier and Flores, will decimate all the draft capitol we have left, from trading away good players, and destroy any good we have now. If the players quit on this regime, they need to go !!! I am hoping for the best, but not counting on it.


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Sep 17, 2012
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You get to a point and talk is just BS masturbating in the mirror.

There are obvious overwhelming issues and all that matters is the product on the field.

This train wreck isn't going to get cleaned up without some folks getting really dirty!

Flores needs to absolutely affirm the fact he's not going to take this crap show and that means decisive immediate action not "talk."



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Mar 23, 2005
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it’s obvious the team is in disarray. Like it or not Tua, hopefully, coming back for the London game is going to tell us a lot.

If he can spark the offense then it maybe a path towards righting this season. If not, we’re going to be in for an even longer year.

I’d also say, teams have figured out how to attack this defense. Our belly is soft(middle of the field) and get our DBs running vertical.

With Tua coming back, do we actually have 1WR that is healthy, that can catch the ball?

Mack Hollins may be the only guy.
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