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Oct 22, 2002
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Should be a good game in 2 weeks with 2 of the better teams in the NFL facing off. The Packers are playing pretty well to this point but had a big scare Sunday when the "franchise" went down. Looks like he should be able to play against you guys. The Packers have had many injurys to this point so I'm just hoping that we can have a game thats injury free on both sides.

Looks like Ricky Williams has found a nice home in Miami and Fiedler was doing very well until he got injured. I know that he is doubtful for the GB game, I really wanted to see him play this game. Its nice to be full strength for big games like this. The Miami D is playing strong as usual. Jason Taylor scares the hell out of me, he is the best DE in the AFC by far. Some think Pryce is better but I don't. And your LB's and DB's are always good.

Looking forward to talking with you guys over the next 2 weeks and getting some good dialogue going about the game. May the best team win and good luck!!!

hello Cheesehead (I mean that in a nice way ;) ) and welcome a-board Brewcity33 :drinkers:

All Dolphans are dying to get our Fins back on the field and avenge the humiliating loss to the Bills on Sun. Hope you have a nice warm spell in 2 weeks. Game should have some interesting side notes:
  • is Favre really OK ?
  • can Lucas look like a NFL QB
  • Chris Carter's debut as a Fin ag ol' rivals
  • Ricky vs. Ahman

Nice Post Brew, cool to have visiting fans that are not rude and insulting upon first post :)

I certainly hope our fins put up a better fight offensively against you then was shown against the Bills. I believe we will, Wanny hasn't lost 2 in a row since he came to Miami, I'd like to see that trend continue.

Jason Taylor is awsome isn't he? But his target is certainly no slouch. It must be cool to know that Brett Favre is your starting QB every week. Not just him, but Ahman Green is running as well as anyone in the league right now and could be THE premier running back in the NFL next year(sorry Ricky). He scares the hell out of me.

With our good run and pass defense, and the 4Cs making their debut appearance on offense, hopefully Ray will play well enough for us to steal this one from ya, nothing personal :)
Originally posted by clumpedplatelet
Go Packers!! :)
not that the Packer fan(s) are here, the Bills fan can all leave - please :evil:
Hey 39, don't worry, the Bills only chance to win anything is to root for all of our opponents. They sure as hell can't do it alone.

Hey Brewcity, nice to have a classy fan join on in here. I look forward to sacking Favre a few times, and seeing anything different on offense in two weeks.

Good luck
why don't you go discuss it on a bills site? we know you're just dying to lose another super bowl, but it'll probably take some time.
i'm glad favre is ok. it's always bad to see someone go down, but for someone of his stature--it's good that sometimes a sprained knee is just that. hopefully our team will get some things worked out and give green bay a game. i think they'll rebound.
How often does both teams get a bye before playing each other, with 2 weeks to prepare and get healthy I think it should be a great game for MNF. I'm glad to hear Favre is ok I've always like his style giving what ever was need to get the W.
Oh yes we did!

Originally posted by clumpedplatelet
Bills beat the Fins.........no other team helped them :lol:

The Fins gave the Bills six little nicely packaged presents called turnovers, without anything in return. You can be delusional and think that the W was because of a superior Bills team rather than a Dolphins replacement QB self-destructing - and maybe your ego needs that based on recent Bills performances. Just the fact that we are still hearing from all of you here speaks volumes about the true nature of the game. A truly deserved win by a better team stands on its own merits and doesn't need psychotic fans trash talking for days trying to convince others (and themselves) that they really have the better team.

Dolphins fans are justifiably upset with the game, but still down deep are confident of the eventual outcome for the season with the Bills once again looking up at us in the standings.

Enjoy your win today. Come season's end, the Fins fans will be the ones rejoicing! And that is the real goal!

And we will not jump on the Bills MB to gloat because we know how to win with class!
hello packer fans. Lets hope your not as bad as buffalo and denver fan.
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