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Here comes trouble......


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Oct 11, 2001
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Johnsburg, IL
I thought I could be quiet. I thought I could let the week go by without posting a topic about next weeks game. Who am I trying to kid? I couldn't even last one day.

I read all your posts on how if you play like you played against the Colts, you will beat us. You played so sloppy. If you play like that you will lose.

I have no doubt that the Phins are capable of beating GangGreen, but I just can't see it. All of you see the Jets through biased eyes. You think that we suck, because of our early performances in the season. We don't even resemble that team. Our defense is shutting every back down now. Our Defensive tackles don't have the big names that yours do, but they are totally outplaying them. John Abraham has been on a terror. Six sacks in the last two games. Ellis is playing the best football of his short career. Our linebackers are frightening. They're averaging 10 or 11 tackles each, each game. Aarron Glenn has returned to his probowl form.

Our offense is clicking. After a couple frustrating weeks trying to learn this west coast offense, they are controlling the clock well. You won't stop our run. Curtis is having the best year of his life. Our offensive line is the most athletic in the league. If you watch our main run, which is the sweep, you will see that we pull 3 linemen. THREE !! That's unheard of. Then after we start to wear down your smallish front four, we bring in our new powerback Jordan. This kid is 230lbs and faster than Martin. Vinny seems to play his best football against your team. I can't explain it, but I love it. that's for sure. The Green Lantern is getting involed in the new offensive scheme. More bad news for you. Coles is going to be great. You've seen him. Santana is suppossed to play. He might not know the offense very well, but just having him on the field will open up the coverage for Wayne, Coles, and Becht the TE. You have to respect his speed and play making abilities. Forcing you to rotate coverage towards him. Now I hear that Sam Madison might be out. You better hope your 1st round pick was worth his draft status if you expect him to cover Coles.

Over all I think it will be a hard faught and heavy hitting game.

I wish you all luck. not to win, but to stay injury free.

I'm not going to argue or debate with anyone. I'm sure that you guys will get enough of that this week. I just wanted to say my piece, then win or lose you guys can tear into me monday.
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