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heres a decent poll for you guys....

Which name should we use?

  • "The Predator"-referring to dreadlocks

    Votes: 5 29.4%
  • "The Dreaded One" -AJ's name

    Votes: 10 58.8%
  • Ricky"40,000 times better then any other back we've had" Williams

    Votes: 2 11.8%
  • or "Texas Ricky" lame nickname made up by me to fill space

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters


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Dec 9, 2001
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let me know which on we should use for ricky's nickname if anyone comes up with a better one please share!
:( Ricky Ricky Ricky wow... that should help you out this year..
it's going to be very interesting this year in the AFC East..

but in order to see Ricky run run run you will need a o-line...
oh yea Ricky don't loose that football... fumblayaaa

what is that 20 fumbles not good fish fans not good..

Originally posted by nyrican
but in order to see Ricky run run run you will need a o-line...
we'll see if the Jets OL is any good after having to break-up a solid unit; and if they are it is because of Curtism which is why are OL will look better because of the Dreaded One :rocker:

as for the Fs, well Ricky should be carrying that rock with around So. Beach.
i hear you, I can see Ricky hanging out at the clevelander with a football in his hand

good luck (not) !!!!!!!!!

Originally posted by nyrican
i hear you, I can see Ricky hanging out at the clevelander with a football in his hand
and he better not spill his beer while holding that ball :lol: :goof:
screaming and if he spills the beer it better not be a green lizard
just like the mad dog Jim Mandich calls them hiney's green lizard's
i wouldn't say anything about any o-line becuase your o-line sucks more than ours did last year. Now that is pretty damn hard to beat. Ryan Young is extremely under-rated. That guy is a stud that you guys just let go. And what are you gonna do about that defense? Last year the run defense sucked, but now, you guys lost your whole secondary. I can't wait til we run up 50 on you next year. Have fun!
We've got "The Dreaded One" and "The Torcher" in Chris "The Torcher" Chambers. Nice little double-meaning there. Guy named "Relive 1972" came up with that one I believe.
our o-line sucked ?

:lol: what football were you watching last year .... we had one of the best o-line's in football... lat year.. just ask ZACH ATTACK.

Ryan Young is a good 0 lineman that was a tough loss for us..
as for our dee we will be ok and we will be better against the run this year

how many yards did your running game gain against us last year
see the stats numbers din't lie...

I never said we could run the ball. I just said other teams could. I admit it up front and I think everyone of us will, the running game last year had to be one of the worse 3 if not the worse in the NFL. The only team we could run against last year was the dreadful Colts. Last year you had one of the best o-lines in football, but that was last year. This is this year. Just a question, did RY play blindside or frontside tackle for Testaverde last year? Oh yeah, I forgot to mention something. How long is "No Testes"verde going to stay around? I think you guys should check his birth certificate becuase I could have sworn that he's older than my grandmother. That's pretty damn old.
Ricky"40,000 times better then any other back we've had" Williams- What about Mercury Morris and Larry Cszonka? I agree Ricky the most high profile back Miami has had in the last 30 years though.
Hey NYRican, long time no hear buddy! I absolutely LOVE the Clevelander on South Beach!! :D Now that we have Ricky, I hope that you will be up to sporting a new Williams "Dolphin" jersey for our little bet! :lol:

The "streak" stops here. ;) See you at the game! :D

BTW, I prefer Chris "Execution" Chambers. When the rivals are burned by Chambers, they will wish they were in an execution chamber. :D :lol:

Put them in the IRON MAIDEN! :lol: :lol:
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