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Here's the max $ Seth can expect


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Sep 4, 2001
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Being that Metcalf was picked mucher higher in the 3rd and McKinney and can play OT, this is the best case contract scenario for McKinney so heopfully they can sign him or someone now:

Bears | Agree With Metcalf - posted at KFFL (
17:02 PT:’s Len Pasquarelli reports the Chicago Bears have reached an agreement with third-round draft pick OL Terrence Metcalf on a three-year contract. The contract is worth $1.316 million with base salaries of $225,000 (2002), $300,000 (2003) and $380,000 (2004) and a signing bonus of $411,000.
i am surprised that we havent signed any of our draft picks yet...but since we only have a 3rd rounder and lower it shouldnt be a problem to sign any of them...
the teams usually wait to see how much the players drafted ahead of their own guys were signed for...just so they don't overpay anyone...basically it comes down to cheapness and procrastination
Miami always waits until the last minute to sign up the picks. Expect them to sign two or three days before camp starts.
I'd say the max he will get will be around the same as Metcalf's with slight increases due to his higher selection....and by slight increases we are talking a few thousand dollars........peanuts to NFL owners and franchises....
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