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May 1, 2002
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Hey DirtyCashHoldin,

I have a few questions:

Are the Dolphins keeping a close tab on Scott, Delvin, and Joey over in Europe? Scott Shields is particularily interesting after comments by his head coach regarding his improvement and leadership; the guy is 6-4, 225 or so, which is imposing.

Are the Dolphins going to sign Roy McGee or the wr from West Virginia (Shawn Terry)? They were in for tryouts. Yet Dave referred to having signed three rookie freeagent LBs in his press conference.

Just how much of a chance are they going to give this Symonette kid? The same level of opportunity Izzo had?

Do you believe Dixon will eventually make the move to left tackle and do you think Nails will earn a starting guard position with Searcy?

Just some questions I would greatly appreciate response to.



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Mar 17, 2002
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Opium induced haze...
Symonette never made the Redskin roster last year, and I REALLY doubt that he will make our team. Dude is just either too slow for one position, or too small for the other. Not a good mix.

He is not Zach small either, Zach is a little bowling ball, this guy is barely over 200lbs, and even tho you don't need to be very big as a LB in our system, you need to be bigger than he is.


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Jan 27, 2002
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LEE..... Here are my thoughts about your inquires....

1. The DOlphins have scouts right now out in EUROPE---and they are taking notes on all these guys....but like you said....S SCOTT SHIELDS---has made the most noise. When that season is over and done with....these players will come in to the mix and compete for jobs. SHIELDS has the best chance...I really don't see GETHERALL or BROWN really beating out anybody on this roster anytime soon.

2. I don't believe either of the players that you mentioned----ROY McGEE or SHAWN TERRY were signed.....I believe that both had tryouts only.

3. Well.....Joshua Symonette is getting noticed for his hustle....just like IZZO did. Jimmy Johnson made LARRY IZZO his special team poster boy....singling him out early for the kind of effort that he wanted all the other players to take note of.
Now....will WANNY make SYMONETTE his LARRY IZZO...and say that he has made the team.....and JAY FIEDLER--SECOND.....I don't know. BUT at least the kid has a chance...although he is really just to small to play LB....at 214 pounds. From my standpoint......I think SYMONETTE will fall victim to his overall lack of strength and size....once the pads come on in JULY. I think once SYMONETTE gets hit by DEON DYER in those middle drills....hes going to have to be picked up by a Spachula! And then the coaches will move him....to the offense...right? There is no position for Symonette except really for special teams.

4. I don't see DIXOn at LT on opening day. I really believe that BRENT SMITH will be the opening day starter....with DIXON in the bullpen...so to speak.....if SMITH can't handle it.

If SEARCY is healthy.....there is no doubt in anyones mind...that he is your RG starter. SEARCY has already been wowed the coaches with his work ethic and play thus far. They feel that SEARCY was a steal....and can regain his pro bowl form.

I think TODD PERRY could be gone come June 1st.....and that is because of the fine play so far....by JAMIE NAILS. NAILS may be the first backup at both Guards.....and don't forget about SETH McKINNEY also being able to help out at Guard.

PERRY is not taking the competition with Searcy in the best of terms either...from what I have heard from DREW. There is some tension between the two men....and its mainly PERRY;s attitude....with regard to SEARCY's press clippings. Perry is privately saying to others...."Whats SEARCY done in this league the last 2 seasons"? I have been starting...he has been on the sidelines...thats the take I am hearing.

Perry is definately on the bubble right now....I think NAILS will definatly make the team this year....and I am now getting the feeling that BRENT SMITH will be the opening day starter at LT. BRENT SMITH is a guy that is well-liked on this team....and I really think the coaches will give him the benefit of the doubt. As I stated before.....SMITH and DIXON are real close off the field....and I don't think DIXOn is in any rush to take his friends place on the line...DIXON wants to play LG...that is the bottom line.

Lets not count out.....MARCUS SPRIGGS. He is not fully healthy yet....but this is a guy that played pretty well when he was in there. I wonder what he is thinking about all this talk...by the coaches to move Dixon over to LT...if SMITH's game does not improve? I think he will be a very motivated backup in JULY....don't you? Well see how all this unfolds....but the main problem right now....is at LT. I think the rest of the line is set.

I personally....do not want DIXON moved over to LT.....he has not played there....since his days in the CFL. I like him at LG...and SEARCY at RG. I definately would like to see the DOlphins go hard after BLAKE BROCKYMEYER.....I have to find out what the problem was....or is...concerning BLAKE. I think the Dolphins are a little weary about his health status right now...and feel...that there is no rush to go after him. But he is still out there...


Dr. Love

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May 7, 2002
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Perry should feel bad, Searcy is simply more of a talent when healthy. If the line stays healthy, I'm going to San Diego.


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Sep 4, 2001
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Thanks again DCH. That makes me feel even better about our OL. I agree that Dixon at LT sounds sketchy at best with all his injuries and having never played OT ag. guys like John Abraham.

Depth Chart:
LT B Smith Sprigg
LG Dixon Nails Mckinney
C Ruddy Mckinney Andrews
RG Searcy Nails Mckinney
RT Wade Cesario

Perry seems the most likely 6/1 cut. Will we keep all 10 of these guys ? Who is #11 if one gets hurt in pre-season ?

If we sign BLAKE BROCKYMEYER, then Spriggs is out I guess. Spriggs was good ag. Tenn. ?


i dont think spriggs would be cut ...he would still be a good backup...they really need a backup at both tackle positions...the reason nobody signed brockermeyer yet is because he is not supposed to be ready until august...


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Dec 26, 2001
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Brockermyer is really no better than Brent Smith is anyway.
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