Hey Fin Fans!


Jul 8, 2002
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Rochester, NY
I just wanted to say hi to all the Dolphin fans here and wish you luck. It should be a good game and just got more interesting with the latest reports....

Dolphins' QB Jay Fiedler....OUT (Ray Lucas not that bad)
Dolphins' WR Chris Chambers....Questionable (They should definitely sit him out)
Dolphins' WR Oronde Gadsden....Questionable (Now rumored to be OUT for the season)

Bills' Backup RB Shawn Bryson....OUT (He's a big loss to the special teams)
Bills' RT Mike Williams....Doubtful (I really hope they don't rush him out...Marcus Price played pretty good for him)
Bills' TE Dave Moore....Questionable (He should be able to block for Henry or catch a pass or two, but he can't long snap for a while)
It's a good thing Ricky Williams is not on the injury list for you guys. Just hope that he stays healthy and its all good. He is the key to the game, IF we can shut him down and force Lucas to pass, we should be able to win this game. As long as Ricky Williams is not injured, you guys should have a good season. He is the key to the team. Forget about Fiedler, IF Ricky is injured at all this season, then you will have many problems.
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