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Hi All


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Sep 11, 2002
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New Phin fan here. I feel like I've finally come home.....

Dont look back, dude. Its not worth the frustration and grief sifting through obnoxious threads just to talk football. Aqua made the suggestion and I plan on standing by it...

Besides, the software here is so much better ... . :D
It's not so much that they are chasing you from the other board, it's that you CHOOSE to not deal with the idiots over here. :D
Hey guys!! nice board huh? I bet this one will be clean day in and out.. thanks for coming on and dealing with my server issues at work. i put in long days and when i get home I just want to spend time with my little girl and wife so work is the only time I have to get on here ( hope my boss is not reading this)
Denver.. I think so!!! hey hows the clinton portis thing in Denver? I have him in my fantasy league and want to know if I should trade him or keep him...
welcome a-board SurferRosa and DenverPhinFan !

if you ever find any "frustration and grief sifting through obnoxious threads just to talk football" (Dolphin football only in the this forum - please), let us know and we will deal with it approprpriately :judge:
WOW it's great to see all these Herald refugees here too ! :) I was reccomended here a while back by Davster, and I hardly go to Herald anymore. This is a great board.
Portis is oging to take a while..

Shannahan has little trust in him since all those fumbles in that preseason game. He got a 4th down carry and gained 11 yards last weekend, but look for him to only get minimal carries for a while.
Even I have to admit this is alot better it will be nice not trying to figure out if it is the real person or an imposter, only problem is no spell check I'm a horrible speller you'll find out
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