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Hopefully....lucas Will Dress Up As A Dolphin Qb...on Halloween.


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Jan 27, 2002
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I was at the game....and its been quite some time where you can remember such a poor exhibition of Quarterbacking on a professional level. There are no excuses. It was pure offensive, ineptness...whether it was miscommunication....new Wr's....RICKY not looking at all for a ball thrown his way.....mis-handoffs.that lead to fumbles lost...Penalties....missed assignments on the offensive line...the bottom line is that the Dolphins could not execute anything called today for the most part....as it seemed like RAY LUCAS and the offense were just not on the same page at all. It was almost like the offense that was on the field today.....just got together for the very first time...for a pickup game in Central Park.

I am kind of in a lost for words the way RAY LUCAS played today. I don't think anyone around here thought that RAY would not try to do anything but try and just try and be a "caretaker" out there...in place of the injured Fiedler. What we got today....was a Qb that did just about everything you can possibly do.....to LOSE a ballgame...all by himself. When you force footballs down the field....when you make errant throws into double and triple coverages....when you don't tuck the ball in and run for first downs...rather than just wing it.....when you are careless with the way you handoff the football.....when you make just about every mental mistake there is at the Qb position....this is what you are going to see.....6 freaking turnovers!! ANd even when some of these new, so called recievers....(and D. Ward is no stranger to Lucas) did get open......RAY just could not get that football anywhere near the reachable point. Besides some sychronicity with TE RANDY McMICAHAEL early on in the game....and what looked like it was going to be a Dolphins day with that great first drive......you just can't rationalize in any way, shape or form.....why RAY LUCAS played like he did today. We assumed wrong I guess. A great Pre-Season means absolutely nothing now. Ray vs. JAY is also a moot point right now. Ray Lucas being one of the most popular guys in the locker room does not have the same kind of care right now either. What matters right now is only one thing. RAY LUCAS is going to be the DOlphins starting Qb until the day that JAY FIEDLER is cleared by team doctors to play. This may be 4 weeks....it could be 8 weeks....nobody knows. We are coming into a much needed restful and more practice....bye week. We have 2 weeks before we go out to GREEN BAY....and by then.....we will indeed have some farmiliar faces back into the offense...and hopefully....someone we are just getting to know in our offense....some HOF WR named CHRIS CARTER. But for RAY :LUCAS.....he is now the guy under the microscope in the fans eyes...and in all analytical eyes throughout the NFL. Yes....its only 1 loss...and you can see the rust that was in RAYs decision making all day today. Sure....he has not been into the fray like this since the days of BILL PARCELLS' good Jet teams. But Ray Lucas was expected to manage this team much better today.....he was coming into this game with a reputation as one of the better backup Qb's in the NFL. Ray had supposedly had two good weeks of practice....and his high as a kite personality and confidence reached and peered into the microphones of the NFL TODAY, ESPN GAMEDAY, FOX...even CRIS CARTER himself said that he thought that RAY brought more to the table than JAY did in the DOlphins offense.

There is only one thing we can all do now folks......lets take out all our frustarations out today....and then lets move on with the play of RAY LUCAS. I am stunned and mad and really dissapointed, like everyone else.....but we have to just hope and pray....that after HALOWEEN comes around....so will all the ghosts and ghoulins...the brain demons will all be gone....literally from the mind and body of RAY LUCAS. He literally played like Bills CB NATE CLEMENTS was a ghost today....as he saw him just about everywhere he wanted to throw the football today. Right now...RAY has to get his sights on the PACKERS....and do some major, major, film-study.....with OC NORV TURNER. From this game....RAY and NORV will most likely dissect every single play from this game...and break it down into split thinking seconds.....as RAY will be letting NORV know....just what in the world was he thinking about out there.

Hopefully....RAY LUCAS will live and learn from this dismal perfirmance. There is only one way the Dolphins offense can go with him from here....up. These mistakes are correctable....and they have to be cleaned up for GREEN BAY.
The only problem is that for RAY....he probably wishes he could just get back on the field next week and try again. Its going to be a long 2 weeks for this guy.,..anyway you look at it. Talk show radio tommorrow is going to be rough...and so will the local papers. What if RAY continues to play like this? That is going to be the #1 question. And that theme is going to happen for the next two weeks... it is certainly going to be a time for this team to rally around RAY LUCAS for support.

WANNY already has let out his steam....although not isolating LUCAS for the loss. After the game.....JIm MANDICH said that WANNY let out a tiraded, curse-worded out lead speech to the team....before the media was allowed to enter. WAnny reportedly kicked over a table...showing his disgust for the entire day. Its going to be back to basics.....just handing off the ball...was a problem for LUCAS and RICKY today.

Hey....the Dolphins lost....RAY played like FAYE RAYE.....but the Dolphins are still on top of the AFC EAST...regardless. Its time to let out all the RAY SUCKS threads today......but please.......lets get right behind RAY LUCAS tommorrow.

For the next 6 weeks at least......we have no choice.....there is absolutely no other alternative. The DOlphins are not ready....believe me...to throw SAGE ROSENFELs into the fray. The only way that SAGE plays...is because of an injury...that is all there is to it. Ray Lucas is the QB.....he just has to go out there and get it done. All he is asked to do.....is not lose a football game.....just manage the game....do not lose the game....because of yourself? My last post.....It was like prophetic.....my whole post centered on all RAY was asked to do by the coaches....

Be the caretaker....RAY.....cmon' I know you are better than that. And so does everyone else around here.... its going to be a tough two weeks.....but we are all Dolphin fans....this is still a very good football team.....and you will play better. Our season is counting on your future performances......



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Feb 18, 2002
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I'm with ya, on this one...

Ray is our starting QB right now and I support him 100%. Like everyone else, I'm disappointed as hell with his play. In fact, this is the 1st thread I have posted since the game because I was flatly disgusted.

I think Ray is a better QB than what we saw Sunday and I look for him to bounce back from this with a win in Green Bay. I know Farve is hurt, but to what extent, I'm not sure. I hope he is back when we play, because it will be a battle.

I look for our guys to be hungry and a little more healthier. I think our OL is suffering from some nagging stuff (Ruddy-groin; Wade-ankle) that hopefully heals enough to help their play, as it seems to me that our OL play has tailed off. Maybe Dixon will make it back this week and start practicing with the starters. Chambers should be back and hopefully we'll have Carter also. I would like to see Chambers and Carter as our to starters at WR, because (to me) McNight doesn't have starters ability. I like Ward though, but only in the slot.

As you said, I'm putting this game behind me and am looking forward to the bye week and the healing and extra practice it provides. We should come out of the gates, refreshed and determined to finish off a good start. Here's to a solid finish this year and hopfully home field advantage in the playoffs!



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Sep 4, 2001
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I hope Norv puts in some options plays just in case because Ray will need to prove to all of us that he is a NFL QB after looking like a pee-wee yesterday. They gotta figure if Ray looks awful again, they are gonna need to put in plays to roll him out and let him run or option the ball, but throwing it is out. Bottom line, after the 1st drive, Ray would have been better off run it instead of throwing. I was flabbergasted that Norv could not put a roll out in for Ray to help him improvise and lighten up the rush, they just threw Ray into the rush and...:stuck:


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Mar 8, 2002
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I noticed that the receivers were open, therefore,how can Carter help If we can get the ball to him ? He would throw into double coverage and not see the open man. He needs to learn the basics.You know that everyone in the NFL will be coming after him from now on. We could easily be below .500 by the time Jay gets back . It is very hard to learn the obvious in the middle of the season.
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