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how much money is needed for the draft?



does anyone know how much money the dolphins need to allocate for the draft...last year i believe it was over 1m but since we dont have a 1st or 2nd rounder and only 5 picks overall it cant be that much...anyone know?
It will be over 1 million. Plus, Wanny wants 6 or 7 rookies on this years team. Probably about 2 million. But I am not sure.
Well the most any of our rookies are going to get will be about $350 000, and the later round/free agents will make about 225 000, not much money needed to be allocated at all
So 1.75 million for the five draft picks MAX. sounds good. but dont forget, we can trade down.
Originally posted by iceblizzard69
We won't trade down! That would be idiotic espicially in this situation.

One thing I have learned about the draft is to expect the unexpected. But it would be a real bummer to wait all that time before we pick at 90 and find out we have traded down.:mad:

I dont think we will... I said that it was a 1.75 million max which could be changed if we traded down.
Travis Minor only had a $209 000 salary last year and probably only a 75 000 bonus at the absolute max. He was a 3rd rounder.

So I would say $235 000 to factor in that late round picks get dick all for signing bonuses and that only the first year counts. Plus I'm assuming there is a bit of a raise for minimum rookie players this year but not above $225 000.

So that's $1 175 000 max.
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