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How's This sound?


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Aug 5, 2004
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Many people are saying that the 9ers will take Rodgers if they can't work out something with Smith. If they do then we could trade down twice if Saban isn't blown away by Smith. We could play the Bucs against the Browns and get something from the Browns (3rd round at least) for swapping spots to take Smith and then still be on the clock.

We could then draft Edwards and wait til that 7th pick comes up and see who is left available. If someone we want is available then we could trade Edwards for the 7th and 18th. If not we have Edwards and the Browns pick/s.

Nothing I've heard has been talking about the Browns but I bet they would give up something good to get Smith.

If we start trading down this is the way to go.

All this being said I hope if the 9ers get Rodgers then we draft Smith and keep him. Just thought I'd throw out another trade down scenario.
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