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Huge Game Sunday!!!!


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Dec 12, 2001
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Hello everyone,I am new to this board. I am excited about chatting w/ other Dolphin fans. Not many of them up here in N. Florida. Anyway......This game coming up on Sunday against the 49ers is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It seems in the past that whenever we've had a big game and been in the spotlight( St. Louis, NYJ, and so many others throughout the years) we havent shown up to play. I truly blieve this time it will be different! We are a COMPLETE...(well, maybe 80%, which is good enogh) team. We are focused and we are Damn good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If we should win this game, we will be the talk of the AFC and even the NFL. COME ON FANS THE DOLPHINS ARE GOING TO NEED OUR BIG MOUTHS!!! COME ON MIAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET FIRED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's going to be a hats off to the 49ers...they have a great team this year :cool: Nice to meet ya man and welcome to the boards :D
Dolphins need this game to get

the respect they deserve... You are right about the Dolphins not showing up to play big games. The downfall always starts out with the offense turning the ball over. Against the Rams the Feidler had 4 INT's a 2 fumbles... I know we have been able to win some games that we lost the turnover battle in, but this is not one of those games. We must win the turnover battle to win the game...
yup 201

my 2 keys at least break even in TOs and hold Hearst and Barlow combined to under 100 yards.
so true 201

Zach was right .......I don't know if you had a chance to catch Monday night Match-up bu they gave the Dolphins maybe a total of 5 mins.!!!!!!!!!! I was furious. They gave the Jets and Colts more attention. If we dOn't turn the ball over......we win...SIMPLE AS THAT!!!!!! Then maybe they'll talk about us........................................LET'S GO MIAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You're right about this being a huge game...for both teams. But at least you guys are in 1st place in your division...I wish you well with the rest of your schedule and thru the playoffs...w/ the exception of this Sunday's game...:p

The Dolphins are one of my favorite teams and I'm impressed by how well Miami's done this season. I'm only more impressed by how well my team's done this year...the past couple of seasons have been pretty tough for Niners Faithful, but our faith has been rewarded and the Niners are back...still a ways to go before we're in dynasty form again, but give us a season or two...

Anyway, good luck to you guys this Sunday...not too much though...:p


if u really like the dolphins you should be hoping we win, as this game means more to us than you.

i mean , your heading for a wild card regardless you aint gonna win your division, but we can win the division and get a bye and home field advantage , so ya see , you'll be cheering for the wrong side on sunday, throw away that frisco cap and yell GO MIAMI GO
NOT!!! I said I liked the Dolphins, but the Niners are my way can I root for another team to win against wouldn't help anyway -- the Niners will be very motivated to beat your team on Sunday.

Nice try though....and I question that you need this game more than we do...:p
Hey 9er's fan

Thanks for Jerry Rice how can we ever repay you? If you get tired of Terrell Owens mouth, send him across the bay.:lol:
Hey, we do need this one more than the 9ers. And, the funny thing is, that Sunday night, we'll be the ones on this board celebrating. While 9erfan was wishing he cheared for the right team in this game!

Oh, Raidaz fan, is Rice the only thing in this world you seem to talk about or is it just me? You forgot about Garner who is having a good year since Wheatley got hurt. So, give your team credit where its due!

what the hell

wats goin on over here , we have fish net(jet) fans, lost ark(raiders) fans, and baby whiners too, is this a general nfl site or a super dolphins site.

ain't other teams fans bright enough to get themselves a decent site of theyre own.
i guess not or theyd have been fin fans from the start.

and to YOU whinersrule , how can u question a win would benefit us more than you what can you significantly gain from beating us, you know your not gonna win your division and you know your guaranteed a play off place coz the nfc has no strength in depth.

:monkey: on sf, ne , jets , oak and the all the rest

miami revenge on st louis in super bowl ,

well said

Very well said fellow Dolphin fan. That fired me up!!!!!!!!!!!! I Just let out a big yell!!!! COME ON MIAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OK, off come the gloves...I give the Dolphins some kudos (and the fans too) and a few of you obviously have so little class you can't accept a compliment w/o mouthing, the heck w/ you and the fishies...we're gonna filet the little buggers and have us a big ol' southern style fish fry....wanna watch??

It's more than a's Niners football!!
oh my.... here we go.... off come the gloves! Watch it happen... my picks for the game...

1) Fiedler makes it 4

2) Smith goes for about 75 Yds with no scores

3) 6 different guys will catch a Fiedler pass

4) Chambers gets 8 including a score

5) Garcia becomes acquainted with his home turf as Bromell and Taylor PLANT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO FINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:monkey: 9ers
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