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I hope I'm wrong, but i see a big weakness in the Defense


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Aug 12, 2002
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We have good starters on defense with the question of Jamar Fletcher at Nickelback, and Left End. BUT!!! If Larry Chester continues to hurt with his ankle, and Tim bowens continues to ake. Who can step in? We don't have any backup that of quality start like Bowens or Chester. At Linebacker ! If Zach gets hurt, we don't have much depthe, but I love Seaverns. And in the Secondary. Fletcher and Freeman are question maerks, they need to step up, but if Madison or Surtain go down, we're screwed. Our defense ironicaly might be our weakness this year. i hope not, but does anyone agree?
Originally posted by Migs182005
does anyone agree?
our pass D to me looks better than last year when we were #1 and had an awful pass rush. Hard to judge the run D until Chester and/or Tim Bo are healthy, but if they are both out, we are in trouble. Without those 2 DTs the entire D scheme is blown and exposed. The only saving grace is that Wanne and Bates have put in some 8 man fronts that we have yet to use thus far - so in other word :calm: we need to wait to the end of PS before passing judgement. :eat:
Man look around the league and find me one team that isn't an injury or 2 from being a bad team. Henry Taylor is looking like a monster in the middle, and shoul give us good depth with Gant and Haley already there. We obviously have no depth at LB, and i have been saying this since last Jan. I don't even think 2 od our 3 starters are any good. Since re released him anyway why didn't we release DG when Farrior, Hardy, or Kirkland were still available? Oh well. The main problem on defense is the toss sweep play. That single play has destroyed un for 2 years now. I think Curtis Martin has about 75% of his total rushing yards against Miami on that 1 play. Tampa ran it twice last Monday and picked up about 60 yards. It is a case where are LBs are just to small to fight off the blockers. Bates needs to look at that play closely!
I have heard we haven't been playing any of our new tuff at all in the games. Supposedly, there are some new looks we've added for this season and we are gonna hold onto them until the season when we need them more. (prob won't even use them against the Lions or Colts since they pass so much.)

I agree on the depth front and am appauled that we haven't tried to address this more instead of the old wait and see approach. Wouldn't a solid two-down run stuffing LB backup be a smart idea in case of injury or scheme? We don't use all 3 LB's in pass coverage and Thomas and Rodgers seem to be good in pass coverage to have a limited power backup LB that doesn't have to cover as much of the field and bring the thunder and fight off blockers to stop some these plays that get our small LB's exposed.

Just my random thoughts but it seems to me our time to go for it is NOW!
It's not so much that an injury or two will screw us, but that the two main guys that can't get hurt, are already a bit banged up
Every team is an injury or two away from losing it all, but when those two players are already hurt, u could be in some deep crap
True Migs, my question is...we need a run stuffing DT, he wants money. We have cap room, we don't pursue him? Wanny needs to quit worrying so much about hurting Chesters feelings and do what's best for this team!

Sign Sam Adams!
The problem is that if we sign someone like Adams, it's gonna hurt us even more next year in the cap. We are going to have some serious problems next year with the cap, and it seems that adams wants a multiyear contract, the dolphins would only be able to give him a one year contract. Two many problems, so I don't see the Dolphins picking up anyone else that's notable.
I agree Migs... it is highly unlikely we would sign anyone for more than the vet. min. at this point
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