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Dec 12, 2001
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Albany, NY
Raven's fans are class acts. There has not been 1 stupid post w/childish personal attacks. This is what this site is made for, fans to intreact in an adult mannor. I have been having a great time disscussing the up come game with all of you. I have not seen tis kinf of sportsmanship all season, it is trully a pleasure.
This is very true, but let's not forget those classy Bronco fans too! :D
Hey RavensJeff, go back and read my last post on your board. You can tell SteelHoss to kiss my a$$! :D
I am not sure if I was a member before that game, but I was a member of Miamidolphins.com, and I haven't seen this kind of sportsmanship yet. It just makes the week before more fun. Due to my obsession w/the Dolphins it is hard to it is hard to follow how any other team really is. I mean I have limited knowledge of their team, so it is cool that they can fill us in on what we might have missed, and likewise. I still want to humiliate them come sunday, but it just makes the week prior more enjoyable. My hats are off to you guys, especialy after the past week we had w/the Bill's fans.
You have to expect 1 or 2 morons, but the majority that have come here are good fans. It is better than the ratiowe had last week. About 20 bills fans came, and with exception of dezert bill they all were half witts.
that is true

and BG started out talking about football, but could not help himself and make some dumb ass statement. Seems like the obnoxious fans line may stop just south of Philly ;)
and BG started out talking about football, but could not help himself and make some dumb ass statement. Seems like the obnoxious fans line may stop just south of Philly.

Forgive me, but when we see Squeelerfans we get a little, well, tense.

They went years without posting on our board in any real numbers, then show up in droves once they got ahead of us in the standings this year. Then they lose to Cincy and go hiding again.

And I just don't take kindly to a Squeelerfan coming to a Dolphin board to trash Messrs. Siragusa, Adams, Woodson and Lewis.

And in case you didn't note, that response WAS to a Squeelerfan, one I know all too well from our board.
Then my apolagies, I get the same way when I read some of the posts by the Bills fans that are still lurking, we beet them by 27 points, swept them 2 straight years, and they are still spewing garbage.
Originally posted by Baltimore Greg
Forgive me, but when we see Squeelerfans we get a little, well, tense.
forgiven :cool: - there are no trailer parks in my part of Connecticut anyhow ;) :lol:
Yes, well here is a little sample of his work.

As for the football knowledge, I don't know why this guy thinks our DTs wear down late in the game, NOBODY else has ever noted this. We use 5 different guys at DT, with Siragusa and Adams starting. But you will see a lot of Gregg, Dalton (particularly) and Webster. These guys all play like Adams, though not nearly as well, they are penetrating types. Goose is a guy who just ties up your blockers and closes up the middle. His biggest assett (noted when he was out and Corey Dillon tore us up) is he closes down the cut back lanes. I can't tell you how many times we stuffed Dillon at the point of attack only to have him dance back inside. That just isn't there with Goose playing.

His references to Woodson and Lake are lame as well, he is just ticked because these are former Squeelers. Lake is a dime/nickel back, he doesn't even mention Corey Harris who is the starting SS, Woodson starts at FS and is going to the Pro-Bowl, he must have a little something left.

In any case, back to the game and ignore his comments.

To beat us, medium and short stuff over the middle, we play a lot of cover 2 and 3 zone and for some reason it leaves us vulnerable to the stuff 8-12 yards over the middle. Screens don't work, running up the middle doesn't work. Throwing does. and if Fiedler can work your TEs and RBs over the middle he can kill us.

IMHO, for us to beat you we need Elvis to find himself...good luck...you will probably kill our OL, particularly RT Vickers (I wish we had Folau back at RT, if that tells you anything). If Grbac gets time he will pick you apart, if you get him rushed he will toss the picks. To me, the game will be won and lost there. If you can get him to put you on a short field you will win, if he is careful with the ball we should win.

Should be a good game.

RT Vickers sucks Huh ? Look for Jason to move over to LE to match up ag. him on passing downs.
You don't need to move anybody, if you have a pissed off Girl Scout looking to sell Grbac her last case of Thin Mints she could get by Vickers.

We have a better pass blocker in Sammy Williams, but for some reason he doesn't play. Either he has pissed off the coaches or Vickers is a better run blocker (our running game is a bit better with him in there), but I don't get it.
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