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I want to show Reggie Bush and Randy Starks some love....


Feb 9, 2008
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I want to show Reggie Bush and Randy Starks some love for real. I think most good poster have a good idea why we lost and what look good. Like Tannehill good throws and gets where to go but got rattled and struggled with release, passing lanes, accurate problems or defense covering TEs and TURNOVERS biggest problems. Hard to take good from a lost but let's only hope for some to give us a future of promise.

Soooo with that I want to say I feel Randy Starks played pretty good and never seem to give up in a play, going by one his sacks he kept trucking to get and the second was just all skill. Hopefully he has a great season cuz we need him too until Wake (which I felt gave some pressure but needs to really start getting some new moves cuz he kinda slacking lately) gets going.

Now Reggie Bush was just amazing. This guy was so patient as a runner it was amazing. He found the holes and was determined for that 5.0 yard mark average this year. He is looking great even if the line was up and down (but did play a lot better, hopefully this continues). Even catching out the back field this guy was putting the jets on and going. This offense needs to go threw him a lot cuz he is prolly out best playmaker. He has really changed my mind of him as a runner last year and I have all the confidence in him no matter the team win or loses that he can hit 1000 yards plus with 600 plus recieving. We got to sign this guy up if by week 10 he keeps it up (only reason becuz I'm still not confident in durability just yet) .

Hopefully these two will spark the rest to follow too and make at least a promising season for the future players. (please if u are looking superbowl or playoffs, let's just hope like the panthers/redskins did last year we have something to build toward the future adding better pieces for more success)
Dont forget Marcus Thigpen... :)
Randy Starks was outstanding in that game and I think Reggie Bush could have run for a hundred and fifty yards easily if we didn't have the turnover meltdown in the second quarter.
I thought bess was good too and also Hartline...just came back from injury and let the team in yds..not a 100 yd game but not too bad for having been injured all offseason
Wrong forum. Are we allowed to say positive things about the Dolphins here?
Starks will have a good year because it's a contract year and he wants the $$$ next offseason.

Same for Reggie.. and guys like Sean Smith are hitting a contract year.

Imagine if all these guys have great years and miami wants to resign them... well there goes a huge chunk of the cap and we didn't add anyone. That's what happens when you're a crappy team and draft poorly... it seems like the saga never ends and your team can never get ahead.

Just remember every poor team has players here and there who perform really well. Doesn't mean much in the big picture when you're always going through losing seasons, but I'm mentioning it because too many people think that the bottom teams don't have any good individual players. Ronnie Brown led the entire league in yards from scrimmage at week 8 in the middle of the season in 2007 before he got injured (1-15 year)

ps- JJ Watt was better and more disruptive more often than Starks was yesterday
Who is talking about Watts? Or are you just mentioning him as a slap on Starks?
props to bush, starks, hartline, and misi. honorable mentioned to incognito for showing attitude
they both had great games. to bad we had to abandon the run so early
Had to bring it back.... Pay that man Bush!!! He deserves all he gets. He was running great and happy coaches let him a carry the team and keep Tannehill confident.

Randy Starks deserves some too. He was man handling guys. Big ups to the whole line and defense. Great job and happy to just get a win.

Miller is a fast bawling ball too lol
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