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I Will Be At Today's Practice....


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Jan 27, 2002
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Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be somwhere in the stands.....for today's morning session, which begins with about a half hour of stretching---prompty at 10 am.

Again....there are no rookies present....so on that front---there is nothing to report.

Hopefully.....I will be passing on some new Dolphin News...as well as my perpetual posts...that I have done before...on some of the noteworthy players....whether good or bad.

I have to go to work from camp-----so its going to be a late night post.

And....like OZZY......I appreciate the kind words. We both have been doing this for a long time....I can surely agree with him----that it is are pleasure to be there....and report whatever we see.

See you later on tonight.... DCH
Great. We all look forward to your assessment of the last day of QB camp! Most will be looking for your comments on specific players. One thing that I would like to know is: What are the significant differences in Turner's Offense as opposed to Gailey's? We've been hearing about the use of the TE and FB in the passing game - has this been displayed in camp? What other changes are apparent?

Thanks again, and in advance, for all your input here.
looking forward to it DCH

BTW - Any news or observation of the big OT from Fla A & M Cornell Green ? Not that you can tell that much w/o pads :)
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