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Mar 8, 2002
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We have some holes to fill, mainly in depth. We can find some gems in the late rounds. Hopefully we will get compensetory picks in the fourth and sixth at worst. But how would this sound?

91. OG Jaoquin Gonzalez
110. OLB Adrian Hollingshead
COMP. T Matt Hill or T Artis Hick depending on the pick.
157. DE Akin Ayodele
214. OG Tango McCarley (Should be third rounder, but shady past... has matured though)
COMP. P Travis Dorsch
227. CB Fitzgerald (Can't remember the guys first name, but supposedly the Dolphins like this kid from Miami).
More Info on these guys

The two tackles I have with the comp. pick have tremendous talent and can be solid starters in a year. They are a little raw but in the meantime Spriggs and Smith are around. They are only signed through the year. Gonzalez from Miami is one of the most talented guards in the draft, and it would be nice if we saw Terrance Metcalf from Mississippi at our first pick. Ayodele was an OLB from Purdue and still hasn't fulfilled his potential. Dorsch has a great leg and can kick too. He was either first or second in D1 punting average last year, but he also kicked the ball through the uprights on kickoffs in college on a couple of occasions without any wind. A little security for our $2 million kicker. And for Fitzgerald, Wanny watched him in a pre-draft workout along with Tampa Bay. A little depth is good at CB.
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