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Ideal Scenario


Dec 4, 2011
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I think the most ideal scenario right now would be this.
This is the most important detail for all of this to work out. Sign Peyton Manning as a Free Agent. Look, its obvious the Colts are done with Manning. They found Luck and have no need for the "old man" now. Peyton Manning will be released before the $28 million bonus is due. Stephen Ross must sign Manning. Not only will is sell tickets like crazy but I think we will automatically be playoff contenders. I think Miami will be the best fit for Manning out of all the would be interested teams.
Round 1:
Use the 8/9 pick to trade back in the 1st round, gain a 2nd round pick. Use the 1st to draft Ryan Tannehill, QB Texas A&M. Ryan Tannehill is defiantly a project. However, have him sit out a few years behind a great like Peyton Manning, whom he could learn from, would really help his development (ala Aaron Rodgers).
Round 2:
After acquiring a 2nd from trade A, use the one of the 2 2nd round picks to solidify the offensive line. The other pick should be used to draft a playmaker, preferably a FS, TE or even OLB to pass rush with Cam Wake.

I know this is all dream scenarios unlikely to occur. Just felt like sharing my opinion.
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