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If Fiedler Goes Down....

Can Ray Lucas get it done?

  • Ya, Ray is a pimp.. Did you see what he did to us with the Jets??

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  • No, Ray couldn't hold Jay's jockstrap!

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I do not know which to vote for, but our O will go into a shell a bit w/o Jay and RW will have to carry the load even more :(
We'll be fine!!! Our strengths will be running the ball and defense anyway...we also have a strong wr corps(if healthy)...fiedler isnt asked to win ball games just not lose them, so the same will be asked of Lucas if it comes to that...
maybe we should keep L Henry around and have Ray run the option if he's having trouble w/Norv's O - give Lou Holtz a call :rolleyes: ;) :lol:
Lucas can be plugged in and do no better or worse than JF, because of the scope in which he is used.

It all relies on your running game and defense this year--QB is not a big whoop.

(Read between the lines---you're gonna suck regardless of who your QB is !!)
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:monkey: Doll-Felons

For you bills fan,,read scotgif report.


Ray Lucas: Rocket arm. This guy has a cannon for an arm. He rifles the ball in there, so hard at times, that you would like to see him put some touch behind some of the shorter routes. But in my thinking, professional recievers need to be able to catch these frozen ropes. He demonstrated tremendous leadership, and enthusiasm throughout the day. You can see, that he definitely has the confidence of his teamates, if pressed into duty in games.

He was pretty much on the money, with only a couple of errant passes. Very solid performance from Lucas today. I feel very good about him as our backup. And, it seems like the team does,as well.

Hush little babies don't you cry Dolphins gonna knock your lights out,,,Bye.
bills fans get in the playoffs.. or have a winning record.. until then.. dont say anything
I was actully going to post the same thread, but you beet me to it. If you look at the 2 they are very similar, but Ray has a better arm. They both are great team players. They both are very dedicated to playing in the NFL dispite not being drafted. They both can elude tackalers and escape from the pocket for big gains. They both are natrual leaders(Ray has not took on this role here as much, but Parcells said Ray was the best leader he has been around in football or something very close to that.) They both strugle with consistentcy. I really don't think this offense would flinch at all if Ray had to lead it. I can't help the fact that I am very curious to see Ray get the ball in a reg season game. Nothing against Jay I just want to see what he can offer.
If jay goes down, i will be in a panic attack untill the next sunday, Lucas played 7 plays for us last year. I just dont trust him, jay has my trust, and he is a warrior.
After what I saw from him at practice yesterday (Not as much, his talent, but his leadership), I think we would be fine, He has a stronger arm than Jay, and is just as good an athlete. We don't have two hall of famers for QB, but we are in good hands IMO.
I saw in the paper on Fri that Miami added Jay Fiedler to the Physically Unable To Perform list...Can anybody elaborate on this? I saw it but was wondring if anyone knew why or how he got hurt and added to it? :confused:
He has hip surgery on Aug 3rd, but will most likely be in pads by the end of this week or next at the latest.
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