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If Only We Were All Head Coach


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May 6, 2004
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Twin Falls, Idaho
Will someone please explain why all the negativity ? Coach Saban drafted very well. He addressed the needs of the team, and at the same time picked quality. There are too many " if's " that shouldn't be asked. How about asking the questions that are looking into the positives. " Who will we get in Free Agency ? ", or " Who should we keep an eye on when camp starts ? " should be what we are talking about. Any Dolphan that doesn't agree with the draft results is human. Any Dolphan that is going to criticize a Head Coach that is a proven scouting Coach, as well as a Coach that players WANT to play for, should be shipped to Buffalo, New England, AND New York in separate boxes to enjoy the debacle known as 2nd, 3rd, and last place in the AFC East. Great job, Coach Saban, you have some Phin fans that believe in your abilities.
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