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If We Win The Toss


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Aug 13, 2005
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Do you want the ball first?? My thinking is there won't be many punts, if any, by either side. Tua is mentally strong and Josh just isn't, (see how easily Wilkins gets him upset). If we find the endzone, they match and we score again I can see Josh start feeling the pressure and forcing things. We will need the running game but not until 2nd half. 4 straight plays with Tua throwing it should get us 1st down after 1st down, and once they are tired and confused run the ball to control the clock.
By taking the ball first you won't get it after half but all that means is you have to be smart right before half. You can't leave 1:40 on the clock when you score. I would rather kick a FG with 5 seconds left than score a TD with 1:40.
Waddle can't have dropped passes on 3rd down and we have to continue with the low % of presnap penalties. This style of timing offense puts a lot of pressure on hearing the snap and with all the noise up there I fear we might have some trouble in this area like we did last year.

Should be fun, I can't wait.
If we win the toss, we win the game. If we lose the toss, we win the game. JK.

This will be a hard fought game for the fate of the AFC East. This will be one of the hardest games of the year. They are a well coached team, with a very good defense, who have a QB who has had MVP like seasons in the past, a good oline, a top tier receiver, and most of all they want to make us look bad.

Furthermore, they are a division rival, and we have bad blood. This will be a battle of juggernauts and the winner will be looking to take control of the AFC East by force.
I’d rather defer.

The crowd will be most energetic and lit at the start of the game. I’d rather hope their offense is a bit too amped up and that the Dolphins get a stop on the 1st possession then be in line for the 1st possession of the 2nd half.

I’d hate to get the ball first and possibly come out slowly then see them get the 1st possession of the 2nd half.
At home you can take it, but on the road you'd be better served by deferment since it may be more important to have the ball to start the 2nd half...

Regardless of the crowd, our defense should be jacked up and ready to bust people up and so a 3 and out is the goal to set the tone early.
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