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If you can't take the cold, get a snowplow


Maria & LauRen Aha!
Sep 4, 2001
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they are known for bitching up a storm when they lose.........

they also complained that the refs were all for us and not making the correct calls. Belicheck had a little "chat" with the refs about the penalty on that field goal when we got an automatic first down. The ref didnt give a ****. You get what you deserve......

cough * tuck rule *cough
They mentioned it during the game, so they hadn't lost yet by the time they complained.It's an understandable complaint.When they go outside, it would seem much hotter.If it was actually pretty cold in there it would make their muscles cold and less efficient as well.
Either way, that's part of the home field advantage!

Go Fins.
Lets make sure to get the technicians in the visiting lockerroom asap to see what the problem is and fix it as late as possible.

:hail: Dolphins
Dolphin39, I get your drift. At least both locker rooms were A/Ced , in the snowplow episode we weren't offered the use of the PLOW. Unfair advantage to Pats. Flat ass out cheating.
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