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I'm takin the fight to 'em...


Don't believe everything you think.
Sep 3, 2001
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I've been a real p.i.t.a. over on the 49erswebzone. Check this one out, it was started by ninerjay....ended by me.:

How about this. We're gonna give you a healthy dose of frustration on Sunday. It's been said that after the catch Terrell Owens "runs with anger". Prepare to see "RAGE". Who you got to stop him?

: Lamar Smith is gonna have an intimate knowledge of the type, color, smell, and taste of the grass growing at the Stick because that's where Young and Stubblefield are gonna plant him.

: Plummer and Webster shut down Bruce and Holt last week. Who have you got after Chambers and Gadsden?

: Jay Fiedler, meet Andre Carter.

: Go Niners!

Again, you seem to have lost your senses. Who do we have to stop Owens? How about Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain? How about Brian Walker or Brock Marion? How about Terry Cousin or Jamar Fletcher? See, you keep thinking you're going up against some J.V. squad and that's just not the case. Be prepared to be smacked around and intercepted,'cause that's what's coming Sunday to Owens and Garcia.
Lamar Smith may have an intimate knowledge of the turf at the Stick but it is going to be 6-7 yards downfield each time.
Big talk about shutting down someones passing game from the fan whose team is ranked 26th in the NFL against the pass. Doesn't look like you shut too many passing games down this year and it is not going to start this week. Who do we have besides Chambers and Gadsden? I'm glad you asked, how about James McKnight, Dedric Ward, Travis Minor, Jed Weaver, Rob Konrad and Lamar Smith? I would be willing to bet that each one will be involved in your defeat.
Jeff Garcia meet Jason Taylor, Lorenzo Brommell, Zach Thomas and Derrick Rodgers.
We're loaded boy, and it will all become crystal clear on game day.

Go Fins.
thanks 13. I would love to see you over there smackin 'em around. They should get introduced to the Smackqueen.:lol: :lol:
I couldn't resist inFINS, I had to join the fight. Don't you just HATE that style of boards?

i thought that was a drug, do u give it away that easy over there, lol.
Way to go!

Way to show them 9er fans how it goes. I think Garcia will become very familiar with Bromell, Taylor, and Thomas!

GO FINS!!!!!!!!!!!
87, that friggin style of MB is the worst. Sometimes I can't even find my posts. It really sucks.

I thought every one who was a member of IFN had the same style of boards. I don't know why I thought that.....
I have just gotten banned from Jets insider. What a bunch of pussies they have over there. I never once cursed or threatened anybody. I just don't care that they won eight straight over us. All I care about is the next game, so that takes away ALL their smack talk and leaves me free to ramble on about our two game division lead, and our best division record (okay, so we're tied) and our best conference record and our chances in the playoffs as opposed to where THEY are now. I guess they just couldn't take me smackin'em down anymore. LMAO!!!
Do I get a party or some thing?:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Banned from the Jets board huh? Is that a bad thing? :D
I saw the Niners board and it had that annoying style that I just HATE! You can't even find where you posted before. I prefer the kind of message board that we have.
that jets insider

everytime i post something they can't deal with its deleted, dolfan06 has been banned, so now i have to go with green747, they just delete my posts now, TURKEYS!
the one that gets too them the most!

is, they talk about beating the steelers, now they have lost 14/15 games, eight in a row doesn't seem to cool after that.:D
They just banned me, no warning or nothing. I went to put up a post and I found out I was banned. Complete surprise.
I sent a nasty e-mail to Sooth, still haven't heard any reason as to why I was banned.
I guess we all know the reason why....THE JETS SUCK AND SO DOES THEIR MB!
Imagine when we beat them, there will probably be a question on the registration "Are you a Dolphins fan?", answer yes, and you're automatically banned.:lol: :lol: :lol:
I don't know about their MB, but how can the Jets suck when they've swept the Dolphins?? And, one of those was shut-out!?

sweeping us..............

didn't do too much good did it? they're still 2 games behind. that must mean they can't beat anybody else! :D
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