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Important READ for those planning on going to Orlando for the Bucs-Phins Scrimmages!!


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May 24, 2002
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If you live in the Tampa area, and I know FreakInClearH20 lives in tampa, be sure to get hold of the Tampa Tribune newspaper on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.

There's a coupon in there that allows you to escape the $10 fee to get into the practice. This quote from a Sun-Sentinel article...

Neither the Bucs nor Dolphins requested the fee. It was sought by Disney executives when they negotiated to lease Disney's Wide World of Sports to the Tampa Bay football team for training camp.

The $10 fee is for adults and children 10 and older. There is a $5 fee for children 3-9 and children under 3 are admitted without charge.

The fee also allows admittance to the NFL Experience, which is nearby.

If you're meeting friends from Tampa, ask them to clip a coupon out of Thursday, Friday or Saturday's Tampa Tribune to escape the fees.

Driving north, take Florida's Turnpike to the Osceola Parkway off ramp and continue several miles, over I-4 and onto Disney property.

Parking on Saturday is at Disney's Animal Kingdom, with shuttles from there to the scrimmage field. Signs point the way to Animal Kingdom parking.

I know I'm certainly cutting out a coupon and heading up! If anyone wants me to cut them out one too, and wants me to meet them in Orlando and get you a coupon, then I'll be glad to do it especially since I heard that its the evil fvcks at DISNEY that decided to charge people, not the Phins or Bucs.
I hate all things Disney! Maybe that's because I live in a suburb of Anaheim and those freakin' morons own the entire city.:angry:

P.S. You've gotta love these new smilies, there are so many more ways to express ourselved now. :friends:
I picked up the trib this morning for the coupon also.

The coupon is actually good for up to two people, I picked up an extra incase anyone needed one. Glad I put off giving ticket master and Disney my money.....Bastards, lol.
Nice of you to let people know about that CK.
Not at all, I'm not that sarcastic.
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