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in search for a new RB....


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Nov 30, 2001
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If he doesn't have a big salary, i'd like the Fins to trade for Dorsey Levens... I love this guy and he seem recovered of his injuries. I think it may be possible to have him with a 3rd round...

any suggestions (draft, free agents, trade) for a new RB???
I say use Minor and Konrad as an Alstott and Dunn type combo.

Pick up a cheap FA or later round steal in the draft.
just a thought...........

i think we do need a better line, they can't hold their blocks that long and without speed lamar can't get to the hole. i don't think we have to go for another RB until minor is inserted into the starting lineup. lets see what he can do first!;)
i like that idea...

of Minor & Konrad... But i wanted to see that since the day Konrad has been drafted and i didn't... Like a already said a couple of weeks ago, Konrad can be a threat but we need some to install some plays (runing & passing) for him...and when Minor is out, put Dyer FB & Konrad TB...

Gailey is a stubborn fellow and he doesn't have plays for Konrad...:mad:

:monkey: Overrated OC Chan Gailey...
Back to the original post here... Dorsey Levens is an old man... We need the young talent that Minor has. Because, right now the quarterback spot isn't looking too hot. So we need someone for the long run. So, Minor is so young and he can stay for a heck of a long time, or at least until we get a decent QB again.
the only problem with konrad is.............

he's always hurt. what good is a player thats always on the bench?:(
we need another 2 HB's - 1 via FA and 1 via draft, but without OL help it does not matter who is back there. Personally, I would keep Lamar if he is humbled enough by this year to accept a reasonable, i.e. $1 mil/year backloaded contract.
I still think we need to go with Minor as our starter.....I think he can do it....the drop passes to him worked great against atlanta...lets do more of the same....
Me, too, but next year - if we can improve the OL Lamar and Travis w/b a great combo.
Lamar and Travis would be a good combo RB thing, sort of like what they have in Oakland, without a good power guy. The thing about Travis and Lamar is the Lamar is...ummm...I wouldn't call him a power runner like Wheatley but he isn't a speedy guy, I guess he is just balanced. Travis is a good speedy guy. If we had a good O-Line, we could give them both 15 carries a game and it would bring instant results. I like Minor a lot more than Smith but a 50-50 split with a good Offensive Line would make them both pretty good.
Good o-line - power runner will get his yards
Bad o-line scat back works better getting dump offs, screens and draws.

Bottom line - worry about the O line first
If Mike Shula is going to be our new OC the Smith/Minor combo sounds really good.The OL is torn apart and think Todd Perry was a bust.Id love to get Webb and Donalley back.

:monkey: the idea of letting them go and on the Bills
Offensive Line is Priority Number One for the Fins.

Then, after we have some kind of line split the carries between Minor and Smith, and then give Konrad some more time too. As long as he stays healthy he can be awesome so... Just keep building the line and then let these guys do their jobs.
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