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In watching the NFL Kickoff game...


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Jul 10, 2002
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I came up with an interesting analogy to pose:

Does Collins = Fiedler? High expectations on both and while Fiedler is more mobile, Collins has a stronger arm. Otherwise, there respective fans have about the same disdain for each. At this point, which can take their team further?
"Does Collins = Fiederl? NO
"...which can take their team further?" FIEDLER

Pretty simple.
Collins was a high draft choice. He's more accurate than Fiedler but Fiedler is more mobile. Fiedler also gets rid of the ball quicker.
Do not see the comparison - Collins is a classic pcket passes with a great arm. Jay is more of a scrambler and has as average arm. Unless you meant the 3 INTs :evil:
I was seeing a lot of similarities last night. Collins was making GREAT throws. He was doing very well. The Niners couldn't stop him. His WRs were running nice routes.

And then he'd make a bad decision/poor throw and turn it over. That's what was similar. 2 INTs looked like they were his fault. But there were also a few plays where his receivers betrayed him (like that TE screen to Shockey that surely would have been a big gainer or TD).
You've gotta be kiddin me. I watched that TE screen to Shockey where the ball was in and out of his hands and he had two defenders closing the gap on him ready to tackle him for a loss.

Collins is a choke artist. But I do see some comparisons between the two being made...
Both me and my roommate noted the fact that Shockey was much better off dropping that TE screen pass, than if he caught it.
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