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Injury Updates and More


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Sep 2, 2001
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General Injury Update
Cornerback Patrick Surtain (groin injury), safety Brock Marion (knee), defensive tackle Tim Bowens (right big toe), guard Jamie Nails (knee), and offensive tackle Todd Wade (ankle) are expected to practice this week.

Tight end Jed Weaver, who was also injured against Chicago, could play against Detroit. He's listed as day-to-day.

Defensive end David Bowens (broken left hand), inebacker Scott Galyon (broken thumb), and cornerback Omare Lowe (ankle) remain questionable.

Searcy Update
In his second MRI, one taken after blood had cleared from the affected area, showed Searcy only has a muscle injury.

"The feeling that was relayed to Leon is there's a good chance he will not need surgery and will only miss a couple of weeks," said Drew Rosenhaus, Searcy's agent.

Dolphins Release Four
The Dolphins have released wide receiver Robert Baker, offensive tackle Anthony Cesario and linebackers Kevin Rollins and Scott Shields.
I thought I read

That Leon S. was already put on IR. Did I dream that?
Not true my friend... he may still play this season... just may be out a few weeks... if that..... :)

I don't know where I got that from. "I guess this this was the wrong week too stop sniffing glue." - Air Plane.
searcy is another injury bug waiting to happen . we have a decent starting 5 and spriggs and mckinnie can play different positions. maybe they keep german until they see what is out their next week. i personally would let Searcy go and i would have sent mayes packing months ago (50 pounds over weight) see ya fat boy and smith has NEVER settled in to that left tackle spot. so they look for one more player ....... they can get by with 8 offensive lineman
8 defensive lineman..
6 running backs
9 DB's i am guessing because of a few special teamer safeties.
3 tight ends
5 wideouts i love albert!!!!!!
6 linebackers

so they have room for 9 offensive lineman or 9 defensive lineman but not both in my opinion.
I think

That I would keep more O-Line than D. But I would let L.Chester get to 100% healthy- Before starting him.
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