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Interesting note in Rosenfels trade..(merged)

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Jul 20, 2002
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Miami gave up a 7th rounder for Rosenfels

Miami gave up a 7th rounder for Rosenfels
More News, Some Notes...

Rosenfels Acquired From Redskins's Len Pasquarelli reports the Washington Redskins have traded second-year QB Sage Rosenfels to the Miami Dolphins for an undisclosed draft choice.

Sporting News' report on Sage coming out before draft:

Strengths:Has excellent mobility and speed for size, and great overall athletic ability. Can create while on the run. Throws soft, catchable ball and shows good touch on deep ball.

Weaknesses: Will have to develop into a pure pocket passer as he came from a run oriented team. Needs to learn to read coverages better. Tends to force too many balls into coverage. Shows average arm strength and needs better consistency. Mechanics are awkward and release slow.

Overall: A bit of a risk as a prospect as he needs time and work to develop. No more than a 3rd QB for a few years. But in terms of arm strength, size and athletic ability, a good prospect.

Might Lose Picks
The Sun-Sentinel reports the Miami Dolphins might lose two compensatory picks as a result of trades this off-season. The team was to receive extra picks if RB J.J. Johnson (Browns) and QB Cade McNown (49ers) made their team’s roster. However, Johnson has been placed on injured reserve in Cleveland, and McNown is suffering through arm problems in San Francisco.
The Skins are the ones who wanted condition for sure. It is a way they get more if Sage ends up developing real quick and we get hit with injuries that they'd get something more for a productive player.

If he starts 8 games we're in trouble.(although the condition is actually if he plays 50% of the plays.)
It's really unlikely that he'll start eight games this year or take 50% of the snaps. If he does than it's probably worth giving up a 5th rounder for him.
Definitely. Its just a crap condition. Probably Spurrier's idea knowing that Jay Fiedler had hip surgery and may get injured, while Ray Lucas has been nursing a sore arm.

Its something where if the Redskins want the condition, its not like the Dolphins negotiators are gonna let some small thing like that stand in the way of the trade happening.
The real interesting note in the Sage Rosenfels trade, is that with this trade the Dolphins have the most Jewish quarterbacks in the NFL.

Happy Chaunekah
this condition will not happen!!!!!! there is no way, id think we would get a veteran if jay and ray goes down, long live t aikman
Actually I thought it was a pretty common clause in trade contracts to sweeten the deal if a player plays more than expected. And the Dolphins really got the best of this clause as both QBs have to go down early in the season for Rosenfels to get more than 50% of the plays.
Well I certainly feel better about our chances to win if Sage Rosenfels has to step into a single game for us, rather than Tim Levcik or Zak Kustok.

Now I wanna see this Rosenfels kid get some playing time against the Texans and Bears. He did well both times he played for the Redskins in preseason. The coaches really liked him comin out of college and thats probably what made this trade happen.
He might get some time with the Bears but its awful late in TC to be learning a new offense. Especially with JF needing all the work he can get.
Yea, the kid just got here probably today, no way he know's the O or even a 1/8 of it by tomorrow..hold up..was he there 3 years ago under Norv or did Marty draft him..I can't remember..If he was Norv's last draft, he may remember some things not much through..but hopefully he plays some in the Bears game.
Remember Cade McNown played a lot, about 3 days after he was traded for, basically because both Jay and Ray were hurting.

I wouldn't be surprised if they put him out there in the 4th quarter against the scrubs with some garden variety generic NFL, for maybe 5 snaps or somethin. Its a good way to see if a QB can improvise and do something with the deck extremely stacked against him.
Yea CK, Cade had a 2 days of practice..but I agree..maybe Sage get 5 plays now between now and tomorrow..and get the last series to show something..that's possible..Man that is exteme stacking the deck against him.
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