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Aug 5, 2011
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Ireland: Up until now I have been on the fence about Ireland and I still might be but you have to respect a person who can trade away a previous number 1 pick. He can put his pride to the side and do what is best for the coaching staff and the miami dolphins. The way he is working with the new head coach as probably mandated by the owner is commendable.

Davis: I have coached little league baseball for several years now and let me tell you I can tell almost instantly watching a kid practice whet whether he likes to play baseball or not. The kids that don't practice and don't want to be there are the worst. Any coach will tell you that they would take lesser talent with a kid that wants too vs a talented kid who deosn't want to any day of the week. Maybe its just me but if I knew a new coach was coming into town I would be in great shape for the start of training camp. I would not be so presumptious that it didn't matter how out of shape I showed up, I had a roster spot.

Lets re-live recent events:

Sparano gets fired Philbin is hired as new coach (Davis): hmmm new coach should I be in shape to impress the coach?... NOPE DON'T CARE

Hard Knocks is going to film training camp (Davis): shiat it could be embarrassing to be caught on film out of shape?... NOPE DON'T CARE

What does Vontae care about? anyone?


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Sep 30, 2002
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South Florida
I don't get the methodology of your post. Giving someone "respect" because they are brave enough to do dumb things is illlogical. That's like saying "wow they are really brave to put that gun to their head and pull their trigger". Ireland is paid to build this team with talent so we can compete and have a chance. To date he has been a complete failure.
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